Meagan Musing: February 2010

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Fix-It Friday

I'm participating in this week's i heart faces Fix-It Friday. Every week they post a picture and a few experts will show us how they fixed it in post-processing and then anyone else can join in, too, and link up to their own blog post.

This week's photo was an adorable little girl, but her face was really shadowed and she was a bit washed out. I love the pretty blue sky, too.



I did all my editing in Lightroom 2. I first opened it in Photoshop Elements and I was totally stuck. I couldn't figure out where to start so I opened it in Lightroom and was immediately happy with what I could do to the photo.

-I warmed up the WB just a bit
-Decreased the exposure
-Upped the Fill Light
-Upped the blacks just a bit
-Tweaked the Tone Curve

I then used the adjustment brush tool to brighten up the dark spots on her face just a little and did a bit of cropping.

And that was it. I love Lightroom!

(I wish I hadn't cropped quite as much because the focus on her face is a little soft and you can see it more after the crop.)

If you participate in Fix-It Friday let me know so I can come check out your fix.

Y'all have a great weekend!



Activity Time

Andrew and I tried out the Play & Learn class at Gymboree today. It was so fun with soft gymnastics mats, big climbing blocks and lots of balls to play with. His class is for 10-16 month olds and he was one of the younger babies there, but I think he did okay with those older kiddos.

We've also tried the Little Gym because it's much closer to our house, but I think I like Gymboree better. It was a bit more structured and the teacher and the other employees were super friendly and helpful.

So I think we'll stick with Gymboree once a week.

We're also enrolled in a 30 minute music class at church. It's on Wednesday mornings and Andrew loves the music, but he won't sit still in my lap like the other babies. So I do lots of chasing him around in that class.

And, I've sent in information to put Andrew into MOPETTS so that I can go to MOPS every other Friday. I'm really excited about joining a MOPS group, and I hope Andrew likes the MOPETTS.

We also have playgroup every other week and do regular playdates with friends.

Whew....that's a lot of stuff going on.

I worry that with all these planned activities Andrew will get schedule overload. Is that silly? He's only a baby (or maybe he's a toddler...) and I don't want him to be one of those too scheduled kids, you know?

I bet a lot of moms worry about this. How much is too much?

Andrew has tons of energy. He's dropped a nap so he naps for 1 1/2 hours a day and he's wired the rest of the day, from 8AM to 8PM. I feel like I need to give him stuff to do to keep him occupied and let him burn off that energy. But maybe he'd be better off staying at home and playing on his own more of the time.

But it's good for me to get out and do stuff, too. When we stay home all day we both get a little stir crazy!

So for now I'm not going to worry about it too much. Andrew seems perfectly happy with all of his activities. I just have to remember to keep up with it all!

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Andrew takes his wooden spoon play very seriously.

He takes lots of things seriously. When he was little tiny he was so serious. He just almost never smiled, and his at rest face was one of great concentration and thought.

(His brow furrows really nicely, which I think makes his look especially thoughtful.)

He's still serious when he's really concentrating on something, but now this baby of mine is so playful and silly. He loves to run around the coffee table in circles and laugh. He must just think it's the funniest thing in the world.

He also loves it when his mama dances. I must be a hysterical dancer because it makes him laugh every single time.

He laughs at himself, too. He seems to think the hearth in our den is his own personal stage because he loves to stand up there, bounce up and down, and laugh and squeal like it's the greatest thing ever.

And the dog. Oh, he thinks everything the dog does is the funniest! All Fenway has to do is lay down on the floor and Andrew walks up, points at him and laughs. Sweet, patient Fenway.

I love his laugh. It's such a joy-filled noise. I could giggle with him all day long.

But y'all, it's hard to get a cute picture of him when he's laughing.

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New Look

Thanks to Jamie at Designs by Jamie for my awesome new blog design! I love, love love my new header! How cute is Andrew up there?

Jamie was so easy to work with and she was fast! So thank you, Jamie!


We've had a fun week around here. The weather has been so nice the last few days and Andrew and I have loved getting out to enjoy it. We went for a long walk with my friend Lauren and her little girl Sophie today.

Andrew took his shoes and socks off while he was in his stroller. Then he pulled his pants up to his knees and held on to them. It was like he was trying to get as much sun on his skin as possible.

I understand the need for sun.

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The Big 3-0

Brian turns 30 today! Two years ago I wrote a fun post all about Brian to commemorate his 28th birthday. Today I thought it would be fun to look at that list about Brian again, and add a bit of 30 year old commentary.

1. He can play the guitar very well. Still true, but he doesn't get to do much of it any more.

2. He's wanted an electric guitar as long as I've known him, but hasn't bought one yet. He got one for his 28th birthday!

3. He's very responsible, which is probably why he still hasn't bought that electric guitar. Oops!

4. He's a history buff. Still true. He loves the History channel, and I think it couldn't be more boring!

5. He likes to research stocks and investments. Yep.

6. He's a night owl and NOT a morning person. He's getting a little better with getting up in the morning since Andrew is up and going by 7am or so. But he still stays up all night.

7. He plays with Fenway for at least two hours every night after work. Ummm...poor Fenway. He's older now and doesn't have as much energy as he did when he was a pup, but still. Now Fenway just gets to lay on the couch with us after Andrew goes to bed.

8. He can do a crazy George W. Bush impersonation. Still true, but he doesn't get much of an opportunity these days. I sure miss that guy.

9. He's very good with kids and will make an excellent dad someday. Well, he's now an excellent dad!

10. He doesn't mind going to eat Mexican food ALL THE TIME, even though it's not his favorite, but mine. We're all about the Mexican food.

11. He's the biggest Red Sox fan I know. Andrew has about 12 Red Sox shirts.

12. He takes wicked long showers. They're way longer than mine!

13. He can eat a whole lobster in minutes. And it's messy. We haven't had a whole lobster in a long time.

14. He's a good singer, but doesn't do it often. He sings to Andrew a lot now. It's funny.

15. He was on the swim team for four years at SMU even though he wasn't on scholarship. He hasn't been in a pool in such a long time.

16. He had to get up at 5:30 everyday to go to swim practice. Wow - that was a long time ago!

17. He used to try to be a morning person, what with all that swim practice. Still working on it.

18. He drinks funny micro-brew beers and thinks Bud Light is really boring. Not that he would turn down a Bud Light.

19. He convinced me that recycling is a good thing to do. We recycle almost as much as we throw away.

20. Sometimes he's a good poker player.We need to take a trip to Vegas.

21. He's very good with old people; just ask my nana. And young people, and middle aged people. He's just a people person.

22. He's been to Red Sox v. Yankee games in Fenway Park. Isn't that cool?

23. He picked our dog's name. And we both picked our son's name.

24. Fenway is Brian's first pet if you don't count his old roommate's Bull Terrier, Tex. I think he likes dogs. He often suggests we get a buddy for Fenway, but I'm pretty sure he's crazy. One dog is all we can handle.

25. Sometimes he's good at sailing. We haven't been sailing in so long, I don't even remember.

26. He wears pajama pants and plaid flannel shirts from the 90s, but not together. Sadly he got rid of all his flannel shirts last year, and now they're back in style. It's all my fault.

27. He whistles very loudly. He's tried to teach me how, and I just can't do it.

28. He is a most wonderful husband. :) Of course!

29. He is a most wonderful daddy. He's crazy about Andrew and loves to spend time with him. I think he'd rather spend an afternoon with Andrew than do anything else.

30. He's a keeper. He loves and respects me. He cherishes his family. He watches Olympic ice skating with us. He even laughs at my jokes.

Happy Birthday Brian. May they all be this much fun.

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i heart faces Fix-It Friday

I decided to participate in last week's i heart faces Fix-It Friday. Every week they post a picture and a few experts will show us how they fixed it in post-processing and then anyone else can join in, too, and link up to their own blog post.

(It seems a little funny to see another baby on my blog, huh?)

This is the before:

And here is my after:

I used Lightroom 2.0 first and then Photoshop Elements to finish up the background.

In Lightroom I adjusted the white balance and exposure and upped the clarity a bit. I then used the Adjustment Brush to brighten up her eyes and soften her skin just a bit.

In PSE I added the old paper photo effect and used a layer mask to mask out the subject.

It was fun to work with someone else's baby, especially those blue eyes. You can really make blue eyes pop. When I try to brighten up Andrew's eyes I feel like they take on a whole new color, which isn't really what I want to do.

Anyway, I feel like I learned something new which is what I'm aiming for. I'd love to hear from you if you have any comments or suggestions.

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Sick Baby

Andrew has his first real cold. He started sneezing on Wednesday afternoon and had a runny nose on Thursday. By Friday he was all snotty and grouchy and coughing. But he didn't slow down. I thought he'd take a good nap on Friday since he obviously felt so bad, but he wasn't interested.

The combo of not feeling well and not napping led to the grouchiest day ever. I didn't know if we were going to make it through. Ha!

Brian made a snowman for us on Friday morning, and we didn't even go outside to check it out. It was that bad of a day.

But then on Saturday he still sounded bad, but he was much happier. Brian stayed home and kept him entertained while I got some work done. I guess he was just happy to have someone else to hang out with. We have been cooped up in the house since the snow on Thursday.

(There is still snow here! This has to be some kind of record for consecutive days of snow on the ground. Usually it's gone within 24 hours, but not this time. It's like the winter that never ends.)

Andrew has decided to drop his afternoon nap. He's now only napping once a day usually around 11am for about an hour and a half. That's it. I try to get him to nap in the afternoon and even if he's exhausted he just fights it. I've tried rocking and nursing and singing but all attempts fail.

At least he's still sleeping really well at night. He goes down about 8pm and sleeps until 7am or 8am the next morning.

So anyway, I'm really hoping he feels better soon. We skipped church this morning because we didn't want to take a sick kid to the nursery. And then I realized his cold seems to have moved in to his chest. He sounds kind of wheezy and his cough is worse. I think I might have to take him to the doctor tomorrow.

I realize how incredibly blessed we've been to have such a healthy baby. Here he is almost 11 months old, and I haven't taken him to the doctor for anything but his well-baby visits.

Here's my sick little guy...

Let's hope he's doing better tomorrow.

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Snow Day!

We've had a record amount of snowfall in Dallas today. It is crazy! I've never seen anything like it here. And Andrew certainly hasn't either.

My little guy has a bit of a runny nose so I hated to get him out in the snow, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity.

He loved the snow so much he didn't want to come back inside!

If this crazy weather keeps up I'm going to have to invest in some real winter clothes for Andrew. Poor kid doesn't even have a pair of mittens!

But he didn't mind. He just wanted to try to catch the snowflakes.

Brian shouldn't have to go to work tomorrow so I'm hoping he'll build Andrew a snowman. Since this is Dallas snow he won't have much time before it melts. He'll have to get an early start!

I'll share some pictures with you if we're able to build a giant frosty in the backyard.

Hope you're staying warm!




We've had such a fun few days. Andrew is just so much fun right now. He laughs and laughs at all kinds of things.

Of course, he's also starting to show us his strong personality. He's figured out that he can let me know when he's not happy about something. I often find myself racing him to an open door to keep him out of the pantry or a bathroom or from falling out on to the back porch. He doesn't like to lose this race. He'll just cry and cry when I close a door he thinks he needed to go through. I'm getting good at the art of distraction.

We had a little playgroup with my mom's group friends and their babies Monday night. We met at the small indoor playground at the church. Andrew hadn't ever been to an indoor playground so he was really excited about all the new stuff to explore.

He managed to figure out how to climb up inside the big playhouse part with the slides. I was afraid he'd fall down the slide so I was trying to block that side, and while I was busy watching the slide he fell off the steps that he'd just climbed up.

I was worried about him but also really embarrassed that my child had just fallen out of the playhouse. But he cried for about ten seconds and then wiggled his way out of my arms to get right back to it.

No fear in that guy.

I'm afraid I'm in trouble.

But I'm loving every minute of it.

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Do you see that giant bruise on Andrew's forehead. Trust me, it's not the first he's had there and I'm sure it won't be the last. He already has another one right next to it, and this picture was taken on Saturday.

You see, his favorite new activity is to shove his rolling push toys right up next to a piece of furniture, stand ON TOP OF the rolling push toy and hang on to the side of the furniture.

It sounds really safe doesn't it? What am I going to do with him??