Meagan Musing: June 2010

Meagan Musing


On a Jet Plane

In just a matter of minutes we're leaving on a quick, 3-night vacation, and we're leaving Andrew at home with his Grammy G.

I've already said my goodbyes, and he's upstairs napping. He thinks we've already left (we walked out the door with my purse and keys and everything) so he won't be surprised when he wakes up and we're not here.

Sniff, sniff. I'm a little bit sad, a lot excited and a little worried. I know he and Brian's mom are going to have a great time. Janet is soooo good with him and he really likes her. They're just going to play and play. But I am worried he'll get sad before we get home.

And... I haven't weaned him yet. So there's that. But he does just fine without it when I'm not around so I'm just praying he doesn't realize what he's missing.

I'll be back next week with fun vacation pictures and I'll let you know how much fun Andrew had without us! :)

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15 Months

It's been funny to look at my blog this week and see that picture of little Andrew. It's such a contrast to what he's like now. I am so amazed at how much he's changed in just one short year.

Now he runs around all over the place in yellow floaties!

He was 15 months old on Wednesday.

Andrew was happier at Mother's Day Out this week. He still cried when I dropped him off, but when I came back to get him he was in the middle of the room stacking some big blocks and two of the other boys were right there watching him.

The kid loves an audience!

And he only cried a little when he looked up and saw me at the door. So we made some progress. By the end of the summer I hope he'll be a MDO pro!

I've finally ordered some prints of my pictures. I take an insane amount of pictures but I'm really bad about getting them printed. I love sharing them here and I think it's so great that I'm going to have this awesome record of our lives, but I also like to look at pictures in real life.

I ordered from for the first time so I'll have let you know how they turn out.

I'm looking forward to this Father's Day weekend. It's our last quiet weekend at home for the next long while so we're going to try to relax a bit and enjoy some family time. (And I'm going to work in a little shopping with my sister!).


Baby Challenge

This week's i heart faces photo challenge is BABIES! There are going to be about a million entries because everyone has a darling picture of a baby they want to show off.

I'd like to show off this baby:

I took this picture last summer just a few weeks after I got my camera. I was so proud of this photo shoot! I've learned so much since then, but this is still one of my favorite photos of Andrew.

Can you believe he was that small? It's so hard for me to think of him as that little and that immobile. :)

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Week of Firsts

Andrew went to his first day of Mother's Day Out this week. I was really nervous about it. I had that first day of school feeling the night before, but I don't think Andrew lost any sleep over it. :)

Andrew has been really upset the last few times we've dropped him off at the church nursery so I was expecting the same reaction to MDO, and I was right. As soon as we got close to his room he squeezed me really tight and started to whimper. It was so sad.

I got him distracted with some blocks and then kissed him bye and told him I'd be back that afternoon. He seemed fine, but then I went down the hall to drop off some paperwork, and that's when I heard him wail! It was seriously loud.

When I came back to pick him up he was standing by the door and when he saw me he started to cry and push on the door to escape. I scooped him up and he calmed down right away.

His teacher is so sweet and she said he really did okay most of the day, but that he would get sad and cry every once in a while.

We're starting with one day a week this summer and then he's going to go two days a week in the fall. I know it'll be good for him to socialize with other kids, and it'll be great for me to have some kid-free hours in the week. But I hope it gets easier on him.

My mom suggested talking it up to him so he thinks it's the greatest thing ever when he gets to go back. So I showed him his little lunch bag and told him he could take it to school with him next week. And I talked to him about playing with all his friends in class. I have no idea if it will help, but he really understands so much these days that I figure it can't hurt.

Not only did he have to start MDO this week, but he's also cut four molars in the last few days - two on top and two on bottom. So I know he's been in some serious pain, which makes him extra clingy and whiny.

I'm hoping next week is a little easier for him.

But he's still just as cute as ever. Don't you think? Now if only I could get him to look at the camera.

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Outside Dining

We let Andrew eat all his meals outside over Memorial Day weekend. It was fun for him, and I didn't have to worry about much cleanup. But before he could eat he had to show us how awesome he looked in his new red shades.

Check out more fun photos at Sweet Shot Tuesday:

Sweet Shot Day

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First Haircut

We took Andrew to get his first haircut this weekend. I was so excited. Andrew's hair was super shaggy. You could even say he was sporting a mullet. It was cute, but it was time to clean him up bit.

I'd been thinking about getting it cut for a long time and had decided about a month ago that we were ready. But I wanted Brian to go with us and we just haven't had any Saturday free time in a while.

And this weekend was perfect.

Brian tried to distract him while we waited for a few minutes.

When it was our turn Brian sat him down in the little red car chair and buckled him in. I grabbed my camera, ready to capture this awesome moment.

And then Andrew totally freaked out.

I was so surprised he was upset. He's really not easily scared and he's never been shy or uncomfortable in busy, loud places so it never even occurred to me he wouldn't just go with it.

I was sad for him, but happy that The Wiggles were on TV right in front of him and we were able to get him distracted with all that craziness.

Here he is all shaggy and baby-ish.

Not quite sure what to think about all of this.

He really got in to character with my sunglasses.

Yay! We got a real smile!

And here he is at home all cleaned up and looking like a big boy.

*Sigh* He's growing up so fast.

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Start of Summer

Well, we survived our night away from Andrew. In fact, we really enjoyed it, and so did he. He was so happy at Mimi and Papa Jack's. Mom said he never got whiny or sad and he slept all night. I'd say it was a success!

We were reunited on Saturday afternoon for a super fun lake weekend to kick off the summer.

Guess who enjoyed the pool?

I'm so glad he liked it. Last summer he got to sit in our laps on the tanning ledge but didn't really go anywhere. He splashed the water around and that was about it.

But this weekend he was all over the place, playing with his little water bucket and floating in his rafts.

He and Brian are going to do swimming lessons this summer, and I know they're going to have a great time together.

(Brian is a lifelong swimmer and can't wait to share his love of the pool with our little guy. And I don't have to worry about spending any extra time in a bathing suit since he's doing the lessons. :) It's a win-win!).

We had such a fun weekend together. I'm looking forward to lots of fun lake and pool time with friends and family this summer!

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