Meagan Musing: February 2008

Meagan Musing


Lobster Time

Last Christmas Brian's mom, Janet, gave my family a gift certificate for a lobster boil to use anytime. We decided that playing with live lobsters and then throwing them into a giant pot of boiling water was just the kind of celebrating we needed to do for Brian's 28th birthday last week. We had all kinds of fun! Proof:

We were worried Brian and Matt might lose a finger, but they were saved by the rubber bands.

I think Matt was trying to stab them here. Because, you know, they weren't going to be dead enough in 30 seconds.

I thought they were a little scary looking.

Because you can't throw them into boiling water without making them try to fight each other first.

Dad could NOT WAIT to throw those guys into the water. The shrimp and lobsters, not Brian and Matt.

We got to wear bibs and everything! It also came with placemats so you didn't ruin your own with lobster juice.

The lobsters and shrimp were so yummy, but I can't decide if eating them was as much fun as watching the guys cook them!

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Taken Down by the Boots

Sunday is the day for the great Grocery Store Run. And, oh, it wears me out. I just hate going to the store. I'm pretty sure this a genetic thing, too, because Mom also hates grocery shopping. I'm sure she passed this gene right on to me.

(And yes, I really dread the day I have to go to the store with children.)

Last Sunday was Brian's birthday. He spent the afternoon at Guitar Center, and I had every intention of heading to Tom Thumb. Somehow, though, I ended up spending a small part of my afternoon in the laundry room and the rest of the day laying on the sofa watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2 on DVD. It was a most enjoyable day.

But that meant I still needed to go to the grocery store on Monday. I didn't make it that day either. I'm sure I had a great reason for not going on my way home from work. I just can't think of it right now.

We had to have Potbelly's sandwiches for dinner Monday, which are just wonderful by the way.

That meant that Tuesday, I absolutely, positively had to go to the store or we'd be out of granola bars. And running out of granola bars in our house is a big no-no. So I gathered up my list, my reusable grocery sacks and my courage and headed to Tom Thumb.

I was doing so well. The produce was fresh! They even had basil! They weren't out of granola bars! I had to double back for coffee, but I was finished. I was on my way to the check out.

And then, my ankle gave out on me. I am not kidding when I say I almost fell over in the middle of the cereal isle. If I hadn't had that grocery cart to catch myself I can guarantee you I'd have been face down on the floor. I hobbled over to the check out lane holding on to my cart for dear life.

Now I have to tell you, I was wearing my cute, tall black boots. This is my second or third season in the boots so it's not like my feet aren't used to them by now. But something must have gone terribly wrong yesterday. By the time I'd checked out and made it all the way to my car, I knew I couldn't keep those boots on for one second longer.

I drove home in my socks. And then I carried in my groceries in my socks. Brian was a little worried. "Really, you do puzzles and you can twist your ankle at the grocery store? How old are you again?"

I was a little leery of putting on heels again today, but I decided I had to go with them, just something a little shorter than the boots. I have the hardest time not wearing heels to work. My vanity wins out every time. But the ankle seems to be doing much better today.

And I'm certainly NOT going back to the grocery store this week.



Compassion Links

Last week Compassion International sent a group of bloggers to Uganda to see and then blog about all that the charity does for struggling children and the communities where they live.

One of my favorite bloggers, BooMama, was asked to go along, and she had some amazing stories to share with her readers. You should check out her posts from last week, especially this one, if you have some time to be truly touched by what you read.

You can also visit Shannon's blog if you want to read more about the bloggers' trip. Shannon was able to meet the boy her family has been sponsoring. What an amazing opportunity for her and her little boy!

I have never felt a calling to do missionary work in Africa or any other far away country in any way. (I know Mom's sighing in relief right now!) But I greatly admire those who feel called and then are able to act on that calling. Being able to read these women's stories and see the joy on the faces of those little children was a wonderful experience for me. And I wanted to share it with you.



Happy Birthday, Babe!

Wow this is two posts in a row about Brian. Usually it's just all about me. But today, in honor of Brian's 28th birthday I thought I'd tell you 28 things about him.

1. He can play the guitar very well.

2. He's wanted an electric guitar as long as I've known him, but hasn't bought one yet.

3. He's very responsible, which is probably why he still hasn't bought that electric guitar.

4. He's a history buff.

5. He likes to research stocks and investments.

6. He's a night owl and NOT a morning person.

7. He plays with Fenway for at least two hours every night after work.

8. He can do a crazy George W. Bush impersonation.

9. He's very good with kids and will make an excellent dad someday.

10. He doesn't mind going to eat Mexican food ALL THE TIME, even though it's not his favorite, but mine.

11. He's the biggest Red Sox fan I know.

12. He takes wicked long showers.

13. He can eat a whole lobster in minutes. And it's messy.

14. He's a good singer, but doesn't do it often.

15. He was on the swim team for four years at SMU even though he wasn't on scholarship.

16. He had to get up at 5:30 everyday to go to swim practice.

17. He used to try to be a morning person, what with all that swim practice.

18. He drinks funny micro-brew beers and thinks Bud Light is really boring.

19. He convinced me that recycling is a good thing to do.

20. Sometimes he's a good poker player.

21. He's very good with old people; just ask my nana.

22. He's been to Red Sox v. Yankee games in Fenway Park.

23. He picked our dog's name.

24. Fenway is Brian's first pet if you don't count his old roommate's Bull Terrier, Tex.

25. Sometimes he's good at sailing.

26. He wears pajama pants and plaid flannel shirts from the 90s, but not together.

27. He whistles very loudly.

28. He is a most wonderful husband. :)



Sweet Hubby

Brian had flowers sent to my office for Valentine's Day. Aren't they pretty?

I called him right after they arrived so that I could thank him. I told him he could see how pretty they were for himself tonight when I brought them home.

And do you know what he said to that? "No, leave them at work! You might have OTHER flowers for home. The roses are for your office." Smile. How great is that?

He also made a crack about how weird it is that part of my job entails me going to buy dry ice pellets, but other than that it was a very sweet, Valentine-y conversation. He's taking me to Gloria's for dinner tonight which is not at all romantic, but my favorite. And because they can get you in and out in under an hour, we should make it home in time to watch Lost! We have our priorities straight.

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Days Like This

Days like today are why I love living in Texas! I just returned from a run outside in shorts and a t-shirt and I'm HOT! Not sexy hot, (I promise, I'm a very unattractive exerciser) but temperature hot.

I see the national forecasts with all our northern friends freezing on the tundra and I'm just so grateful for sunny, 70 degree days in February. It even makes those 100 degree days in August worth it.

(Someone please remind me that I actually put the previous statement in writing when I'm sweating and swearing that the heat will never end later this summer.)

I'm going to have a splendidly domestic day today: take Fenway for walk, go to grocery store, wash piles and piles of dirty laundry, put away said laundry, straighten house, make dinner, watch Grammys. We're so exciting!

Fenway is certainly enjoying the sunshine. How cute is he napping in the sunshine?

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Because you've all been wondering...

Yes, I did indeed I finish the puzzle. About two weeks ago, in fact. But I was embarrassed to show y'all because, well, see those puzzle shaped holes where you can see the table? My favorite hole is the snowman's face.

Who loses the only face in a 1,000 piece puzzle? Yeah, that would be me. Or it could be this cute little guy's fault.

Either way, I still think it's a pretty puzzle even if it is see-through in a few places. It is proudly displayed on my dining room table if you'd like to drop by to see it in person. But beware! It is a limited appearance. I'm saying good-bye to the Winter Wonderland after Valentine's Day -just in time to start on a new Spring puzzle. Oh, lucky Brian!



I'll Do Better Tomorrow

My weather widget tells me it is currently 79 degrees with 57% humidity - 57%! There's no way it is only 57%. It's raining, and I just got word that's it is going to turn into a thunderstorm with hail(!) here in the next 15 minutes.

You would think it was April with this weird, sticky weather we're having. It was nice this weekend. It was warm, but not humid. And it's okay to wear jeans, a light weight top and maybe even flip-flops(!) on Sunday while you're watching the Super Bowl. But it's another thing entirely to have to pick out work clothes to wear when it's 82 degrees in February.

That is why I'm wearing my cute, black wrap dress from Banana today. It has three-quarter sleeves and is a nice breathable cotton, but it is black so I don't look like I'm waiting for the Easter bunny. My great mistake was in deciding to wear the tall black boots rather than the nice shiny black flats.

I'm hot, and my boots just seem so out of place on this "spring" day in February. But since this is Texas I shouldn't worry too much. I'm sure my outfit will be completely appropriate for the weather by tomorrow.



Super Sunday

It's a beautiful Sunday here in Big-D. The sun is out and it's in the lower 70s - 70s! That's just crazy for February. Brian is out for a run with his Nike Plus gadget that sends his run stats to his iPod, and I'm thinking of taking a nap while sitting on the sofa with my NEW LAPTOP! I'm so excited that I can blog from my living room! :)

We're going to Matt & Kelsey's to watch the Super Bowl tonight. Brian is of course rooting for the Patriots. I'm so afraid Bostonians will get the trifecta this year. The Red Sox have already won the World Series, the Pats will probably win the Super Bowl and the Celtics are looking very promising this season. I just don't know if I can handle ALL of Brian's teams winning championships when none of mine can win anything. But I'll try to be, er, gracious.

Poor Fenway managed to eat some plastic off of one of his toys last night. We knew he was able to pull some of the plastic off, but didn't know that he had eaten it! He threw up at least five times this morning, once while we were eating breakfast. We were at Mom and Dad's, and I'm sure they were trilled to have a vomiting dog in their house!

We packed up to head back home and plopped Fenway into the backseat like always. We hadn't even left the neighborhood before he threw up again. Eww...we turned back so we could have Mom help us clean it up borrow Mom's cleaning supplies. Luckily Fenway made it all the way home without throwing up again after that. Now he just needs a bath and maybe a stronger tummy.

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful Super Bowl Sunday! GO PATS!

UPDATE: Fenway just threw up another piece of plastic. We're making progress!

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