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Bentos & a Little Soapbox Talk

We're in a really busy season, and I'm trying to be more present with my kids. Less rushing, less catch up, less time wasting, more planning ahead. I'm even Facebook fasting this week, and on day two I don't miss it one bit. But I'll go back. Don't worry. :)

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So today I just have another lunch post for you. At least they're cute and hopefully inspiring.

But before I get to them I do want to say that while I really excel at lunch packing, there are lots of other things I don't get right.

Like dinner. My kids had pizza twice last week. Also? They had two baths in six days. I don't do it all really well. None of us do it all really well.

We each have our own special talents and we should focus on them and love doing those things and not worry one bit about all that other stuff that we'll never get completely right all of the time. Just something to keep in mind as we head into the crazy rush of the holidays.

*steps off my soapbox*

So, want to see my crazy bento accessory stash?

I KNOW! I think it's a little out of control. It took a few years to build it up, and I'm currently on furlough - I'm not buying another thing for our lunches until the new year! (Well, okay, except the food.) Brian is very happy about that. ;)

Here's what my kids had for lunch the last two weeks:

Monday, November 4

It's time for some fun fall themed lunches. Andrew had turkey roll-ups on a fall leaf pick with a side of ketchup, celery with an acorn ring and a side of peanut butter, apple slices, a cutie and a mini cinnamon bagel with another leaf. To jazz the bagel up a bit I added a few silicone leaves underneath. This lunch was packed in our PlanetBox.

Tuesday, November 5

Andrew had a party hat cat sandwich cut with the CuteZCute cutter, apple slices, Scooby crackers, carrots and a pea pod with cashews and a few cheerios. There was peanut butter for apple dipping in the mini Lego box. This was packed in our two-tier Lego lunchbox.

Thursday, November 7

Andrew's lunch was packed in the lock&lock four container box. He had turkey rolls with a little robot topper, strawberries with another robot, carrots with ranch for dipping and peanut butter crackers.

Caroline's lunch was also packed in a little flat divided container. She had turkey roll-ups with cute face picks, strawberries, a cereal bar, a few yogurt covered raisins in a silicone cup and Monsters, Inc. Cheeze-its.

Monday, November 11

This lunch was packed in a new Lego lunchbox. I like it, but the jury is still out on how useful it is. It's tall, so you need to stack the food up to keep it from moving around too much. But Andrew loves it so I'm sure I'll get used to filling it.

And the little boxes fit perfectly inside and hold a lot of food. This one was packed with Scooby snacks. Andrew also had two half-cut turkey sandwiches with a leaf cheese topper. I drew the lines on it with a food safe marker. He also had an extra large silicone cup of berries with the cutest little squirrel and fox picks. :)

Tuesday, November 12

This is one of those lunches where having a colorful lunchbox makes all the difference. If I'd put this food in baggies and tossed it in a lunchbox it would have looked super boring. But just a little bit of creativity with the box and the organizing made a big difference.

My favorite silicone cups helped divide the ham and Cheerios, and the rest was just boring food. :) Celery with peanut butter for dipping and popcorn with a tiny peek-a-boo animal. I also threw in a GoGo Squeeze applesauce. It was all packed in the Laptop Lunchbox.

Happy lunch packing y'all!

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