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Sick Baby

Andrew has his first real cold. He started sneezing on Wednesday afternoon and had a runny nose on Thursday. By Friday he was all snotty and grouchy and coughing. But he didn't slow down. I thought he'd take a good nap on Friday since he obviously felt so bad, but he wasn't interested.

The combo of not feeling well and not napping led to the grouchiest day ever. I didn't know if we were going to make it through. Ha!

Brian made a snowman for us on Friday morning, and we didn't even go outside to check it out. It was that bad of a day.

But then on Saturday he still sounded bad, but he was much happier. Brian stayed home and kept him entertained while I got some work done. I guess he was just happy to have someone else to hang out with. We have been cooped up in the house since the snow on Thursday.

(There is still snow here! This has to be some kind of record for consecutive days of snow on the ground. Usually it's gone within 24 hours, but not this time. It's like the winter that never ends.)

Andrew has decided to drop his afternoon nap. He's now only napping once a day usually around 11am for about an hour and a half. That's it. I try to get him to nap in the afternoon and even if he's exhausted he just fights it. I've tried rocking and nursing and singing but all attempts fail.

At least he's still sleeping really well at night. He goes down about 8pm and sleeps until 7am or 8am the next morning.

So anyway, I'm really hoping he feels better soon. We skipped church this morning because we didn't want to take a sick kid to the nursery. And then I realized his cold seems to have moved in to his chest. He sounds kind of wheezy and his cough is worse. I think I might have to take him to the doctor tomorrow.

I realize how incredibly blessed we've been to have such a healthy baby. Here he is almost 11 months old, and I haven't taken him to the doctor for anything but his well-baby visits.

Here's my sick little guy...

Let's hope he's doing better tomorrow.

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