Meagan Musing: Friday Shares - Snowy Edition

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Friday Shares - Snowy Edition

We're really looking forward to the Olympics in our house. In fact, I'm probably a bit of an Olympics nerd.

As a kid I was sure I could become a champion ice skater after watching the winter games. We even named our boy cat (we thought he was a girl!) Katarina Witt after the '88 Olympics. She was amazing!

And then there was the time I spent hours, hours, practicing rhythmic dancing with a long streamer thing so that I could be one of those dancer gymnasts. I thought that was a more attainable goal than your common tumbling gymnast.

Dreams, people. I had them.

Andrew loved the summer Olympics two years ago so I'm hoping he enjoys these winter games too. But I'm hoping for no professional snowboarding in his future - those kids are crazy! :)

So I've been kind of fascinated at how NOT ready Sochi is for these games. It makes me sad for the athletes who've worked so hard. I hope all the crazy stuff doesn't overshadow their accomplishments.

But this story from the Washington Post with all its out there Sochi tweets and photos is kind of hilarious. I'm curious to see if NBC will report on all the bad stuff in the city or if it'll be all fun and games.


I bought Andrew his first pair of lace-up tennis shoes today. I let him help pick them out online and he really wanted the laces. He can't tie them himself though, and I'm afraid it'll drive me crazy having to help him put his shoes on everyday. Does your almost five year old tie his own shoes? When should they learn? I'm having doubts about the shoes now.

I also ordered him a few new Honey BeeTees. They are my favorite. Andrew was so sad that the Apatosaurus was out of stock in his size, but the tiger seemed to make up for it.


Are you crazy about Instagram? Do you follow my friend Katie? She and her family went to an ICE CAVE in Breckenridge today. Whoa. My Frozen obsessed kids would be so excited! Other Instagram favorites? Blue-eyed Bride and AlliAars. They're both moms to sweet little boys and have big, caring hearts.


I'm looking forward to a Mavs game, a birthday party, church and warmer weather this weekend. No more snow for we Dallasites. We're about over winter. :)

Happy weekend friends!


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