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Activity Time

Andrew and I tried out the Play & Learn class at Gymboree today. It was so fun with soft gymnastics mats, big climbing blocks and lots of balls to play with. His class is for 10-16 month olds and he was one of the younger babies there, but I think he did okay with those older kiddos.

We've also tried the Little Gym because it's much closer to our house, but I think I like Gymboree better. It was a bit more structured and the teacher and the other employees were super friendly and helpful.

So I think we'll stick with Gymboree once a week.

We're also enrolled in a 30 minute music class at church. It's on Wednesday mornings and Andrew loves the music, but he won't sit still in my lap like the other babies. So I do lots of chasing him around in that class.

And, I've sent in information to put Andrew into MOPETTS so that I can go to MOPS every other Friday. I'm really excited about joining a MOPS group, and I hope Andrew likes the MOPETTS.

We also have playgroup every other week and do regular playdates with friends.

Whew....that's a lot of stuff going on.

I worry that with all these planned activities Andrew will get schedule overload. Is that silly? He's only a baby (or maybe he's a toddler...) and I don't want him to be one of those too scheduled kids, you know?

I bet a lot of moms worry about this. How much is too much?

Andrew has tons of energy. He's dropped a nap so he naps for 1 1/2 hours a day and he's wired the rest of the day, from 8AM to 8PM. I feel like I need to give him stuff to do to keep him occupied and let him burn off that energy. But maybe he'd be better off staying at home and playing on his own more of the time.

But it's good for me to get out and do stuff, too. When we stay home all day we both get a little stir crazy!

So for now I'm not going to worry about it too much. Andrew seems perfectly happy with all of his activities. I just have to remember to keep up with it all!

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  • When I read your comment about overscheduling I went back to memories of a few of my second graders that were so busy they were never fully prepared for anything or prepared but stressed out.
    Although your schedule is busy, it doesn't seem as if Andrew is not enjoying it. Learning social skills is so important in life. The activities you've describe sound appropriate for his growth, especilly if the majority are non or loosely structured play.

    You also mentioned that you don't want him to be one of those (over scheduled) kids so I think you have a good handle on the signs.

    My cousin has two little guys and her play groups are currently her social time as well. Many of her friends don't have children so it's nice for her to get together with people who have that in common with her right now.

    Have fun!

    By Blogger Coneflower Ranch, At February 26, 2010 at 7:10:00 AM CST  

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