Meagan Musing: April 2008

Meagan Musing


I Need a New Dress for all the Parties

Well, Brian did indeed survive the hunting trip. And the snake bite shin guards still looked new when he arrived home. Which is more than I can say for all the other stuff he took with him. Men are MESSY, especially when they spend spend three days without any women around to impress.

We're starting to ease into that crazy, busy time of year where we have a scheduled activity of some sort nearly every weekend. Most of those activities revolve around friends' weddings; there are engagement parties and showers and bachelor trips and then of course the BIG DAY or weekend if it's someplace far away.

I love that so many of our friends have found The One. I think it's very important for Brian and me to have good, married couple friends. And I'm so looking forward to helping them all celebrate, even if it means we give more Pottery Barn gift cards this summer than Fenway has toys, which you would think would be impossible.

All the upcoming wedding parties got me thinking about how important it is to pick a good husband. Take for instance, Carly Smithson from American Idol. Here she is, a pretty talented singer and performer. I've really enjoyed most of her performances. (My favorite was "Come Together", back on the first Beatles week.)

But if you're the momma of a 12 year old girl who begs to vote for an Idol, are you really going to encourage her to vote for Carly? The girl married a man with a tattoo ON HIS FACE. Really, the face tattoo just makes me think of crazies like Mike Tyson.

I don't have any idea if Carly's husband is crazy like Iron Mike, but I think she could have done a better job picking a mate. It's such a crucial decision, even when you'll never grace the American Idol stage.

Marrying Brian was the best decision I've ever made. He's a great wedding dancer even if he's not much of a hunter.

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On the Hunt

Brian has been invited to a Gator, Turkey and Catfish Extravaganza. Seriously. He and 20 other guys are heading to a Texas ranch with no running water in search of adventure in the form of wild alligators, turkeys and catfish.

I am so glad he didn't invite me along.

He and his friend Rob headed to Academy this weekend to get all the necessary supplies including a license to hunt anything that is not illegal to kill. I laughed at the camouflage shin guards that are supposed to keep my man safe from snake bites, but my mom seemed to think they were a very sound purchase. I'm hoping they come home clean and bite-free, both Brian and the shin guards, but I have my doubts seeing as he's staying in a cabin with NO RUNNING WATER.

Oh, I am so glad he didn't invite me along.

But he's so excited about this manly activity, and I'm going to be just as excited right there with him, but really only in spirit. And I will pray that he makes it home with all his appendages. And maybe a cute new pair of alligator shoes.

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