Meagan Musing: May 2007

Meagan Musing


Vegas Baby!

Brian and I just returned from four fabulous, fun-filled days in Las Vegas! Matt needed to go for this huge retail conference so we decided to turn it into a little vacation to the desert. Brian and I got in early (8:00AM!!) on Saturday and Matt and Kelsey arrived later that day.

Saturday: Brian and I arrived at Treasure Island way too early for check-in. (Treasure Island is now known as TI and their marketing people did a great job of re-branding it into a rather classy, not too expensive hotel.) We checked our bags and enjoyed a nice breakfast at the restaurant by the pool. We then laid by the pool for a few hours while we waited for our room. Matt and Kelsey arrived later and came to hang out by our pool too since they were staying at the Flamingo and theirs was a little too crazy. We had a fabulous lazy day in the sun. We got ready for the evening and headed to New York, New York for dinner and a show. Had dinner at a great little Italian place and saw Zumanity: the sensual side of Cirque du Soleil. After the show the boys played a little blackjack and Kelsey and I watched a great 70's and 80's rock cover band. We headed back to our hotel about 2:00AM. Great first night in Vegas!

Sunday: We got up early to do a little shopping at the Venetian and Ceasars Palace. Brian got an awesome new pair of sunglasses and I bought a fun casual bag from Kate Spade. We met Kelsey and Matt at the Flamingo and took a cab to Wynn for lunch. The new Wynn hotel is beautiful! I couldn't believe all the flowers and the landscaping was gorgeous!

Matt & Kelsey in the lobby at Wynn.

We had a really nice lunch at a restaurant (Terrace Cafe, I believe) outside by the pool.

Brian and me at lunch at Wynn.
We finished off the night with dinner at the Mexican restaurant at TI. Brian and Matt played in a poker tournament after dinner. (Matt won second place!!) and Kelsey and I went back to NY, NY to the dueling piano bar. The boys met us after their tournament, and we headed back home about 2:00AM again.

That's all for now, but I'll finish up the next two days later this week.


Mother's Day

We had a wonderful Mother's Day, getting to spend it with both Mom and Nana. Brian, Fenway and I headed to Rockwall Sunday morning for a day of boating. It was our first day out on the lake this season, and it was really great. By the way, Fenway did not join us on the boat - maybe later this summer! We took the motor boat out and were able to check out the progress on the new house which looks great from a distance (and will eventually look great up close, too!). Then we took the sailboat out, but there seemed to be a storm rolling in and Mom was afraid we'd be struck by lightening. So we only put the jib up and kept the motor running the whole time. Dad said he didn't want to scare Mom too much since it was her special day and all.

Matt and Kelsey made it back from Tulsa in time to meet us for dinner at Culpeppers. The food and company were great as always! We quickly opened gifts for the moms before we headed back to Dallas with Fenway in tow. It was a great day all around!

Thanks, Mom, for being such an amazing mom! You're the mom everyone wishes they had, and I was lucky enough to get you! I hope your day was everything it should be! I love you!


Fenway is Growing Up

We put Fenway's pen away last night. We set him up with a little puppy play pen around his kennel when we first brought him home. This way he was contained, but he also had some room to play. We have a very open house and it would be hard to contain him to just the kitchen or just one room, so the pen works really well for us. But...we put it away yesterday. I wanted to put it away for the party we're having at our house tonight, but Brian seemed to think it was time for it go, permanently. I'm not so sure. He is not mature enough to roam the house during the day by himself. He'll eat our plants and lamp cords! But I felt awful going off and leaving him in his kennel ALL DAY, which is now his only place to stay. He'll go out for a little while at lunch. And I'll take him for a nice walk tonight, and he gets plenty of play time at night. But he just looked so sad and confused this morning. So we'll have to see if he's really grown up enough. In the meantime, I might just have to start looking for some ginormous puppy gates.



Happy Birthday Kelsey!

My sweet sister is 24 years old today!

Kelsey is one of those people who lives life to the fullest. She lights up the room when she enters. Kelsey and I are three years and four months apart. She was a freshman at SMU when I was a senior there. People would walk up to me and say "Your sister is just the nicest person EVER". And it is true! She even takes Fenway out everyday for us, which isn't an easy job. She's very special in so many ways. I've always been proud to be her sister and her friend. We're as close as sisters can be, and I think it's great! Sisters should be best friends! So thanks, Kels, for all the wonderful memories and being such a blessing in my life.

We're headed out tonight to be girly and get pedicures and drink wine! And then tomorrow Mom is taking us shopping. What a fun weekend with fun family. :)


My first Meme: Five Weird Things About Me

So I see these on other blogs frequently and thought I'd throw one out there for all those people who read my blog that don't know me very well. (I don't think there are any, but oh well)! And it's not about sports, but I do hope to have a very good Mavs post soon.

1. I don't like fruit. Of all the fruit in the world I only enjoy apples (and they must be chilled and sliced) and cantaloupe, but it must have salt and pepper on it. I try to make myself eat a few berries every once in a while for the health benefits, but they just really bother me.

2. I don't like to watch movies. I just hate to commit myself to two hours of sitting without a break. I haven't been to the movie theater since Christmas of 2005 when Walk the Line was new. Poor Brian-the-movie-lover.

3. I can eat the same thing over and over. I have had the same meal (South Beach Turkey Wrap) for lunch everyday at work for a year.

4. I'm addicted to talk radio. I now have Sirius in my car and I can listed to ESPN and Fox News at all times. Toss in the local Ticket and my fancy car speakers almost never get to pump out tunes.

5. If the bed doesn't get made in the morning before I leave for work, it has to be made before I get in it that night. I simply cannot lay down in a bed that has not been made. I don't have to put all the pillows on, but most. Call me crazy - my husband does!