Meagan Musing: The Big 3-0

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The Big 3-0

Brian turns 30 today! Two years ago I wrote a fun post all about Brian to commemorate his 28th birthday. Today I thought it would be fun to look at that list about Brian again, and add a bit of 30 year old commentary.

1. He can play the guitar very well. Still true, but he doesn't get to do much of it any more.

2. He's wanted an electric guitar as long as I've known him, but hasn't bought one yet. He got one for his 28th birthday!

3. He's very responsible, which is probably why he still hasn't bought that electric guitar. Oops!

4. He's a history buff. Still true. He loves the History channel, and I think it couldn't be more boring!

5. He likes to research stocks and investments. Yep.

6. He's a night owl and NOT a morning person. He's getting a little better with getting up in the morning since Andrew is up and going by 7am or so. But he still stays up all night.

7. He plays with Fenway for at least two hours every night after work. Ummm...poor Fenway. He's older now and doesn't have as much energy as he did when he was a pup, but still. Now Fenway just gets to lay on the couch with us after Andrew goes to bed.

8. He can do a crazy George W. Bush impersonation. Still true, but he doesn't get much of an opportunity these days. I sure miss that guy.

9. He's very good with kids and will make an excellent dad someday. Well, he's now an excellent dad!

10. He doesn't mind going to eat Mexican food ALL THE TIME, even though it's not his favorite, but mine. We're all about the Mexican food.

11. He's the biggest Red Sox fan I know. Andrew has about 12 Red Sox shirts.

12. He takes wicked long showers. They're way longer than mine!

13. He can eat a whole lobster in minutes. And it's messy. We haven't had a whole lobster in a long time.

14. He's a good singer, but doesn't do it often. He sings to Andrew a lot now. It's funny.

15. He was on the swim team for four years at SMU even though he wasn't on scholarship. He hasn't been in a pool in such a long time.

16. He had to get up at 5:30 everyday to go to swim practice. Wow - that was a long time ago!

17. He used to try to be a morning person, what with all that swim practice. Still working on it.

18. He drinks funny micro-brew beers and thinks Bud Light is really boring. Not that he would turn down a Bud Light.

19. He convinced me that recycling is a good thing to do. We recycle almost as much as we throw away.

20. Sometimes he's a good poker player.We need to take a trip to Vegas.

21. He's very good with old people; just ask my nana. And young people, and middle aged people. He's just a people person.

22. He's been to Red Sox v. Yankee games in Fenway Park. Isn't that cool?

23. He picked our dog's name. And we both picked our son's name.

24. Fenway is Brian's first pet if you don't count his old roommate's Bull Terrier, Tex. I think he likes dogs. He often suggests we get a buddy for Fenway, but I'm pretty sure he's crazy. One dog is all we can handle.

25. Sometimes he's good at sailing. We haven't been sailing in so long, I don't even remember.

26. He wears pajama pants and plaid flannel shirts from the 90s, but not together. Sadly he got rid of all his flannel shirts last year, and now they're back in style. It's all my fault.

27. He whistles very loudly. He's tried to teach me how, and I just can't do it.

28. He is a most wonderful husband. :) Of course!

29. He is a most wonderful daddy. He's crazy about Andrew and loves to spend time with him. I think he'd rather spend an afternoon with Andrew than do anything else.

30. He's a keeper. He loves and respects me. He cherishes his family. He watches Olympic ice skating with us. He even laughs at my jokes.

Happy Birthday Brian. May they all be this much fun.

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  • Thanks for the post babe! Just to set the record straight, Fenway runs around chasing squirels all day. He gets his excercise... Yes, I would would rather spend all my day with you and Andrew than do anything else. I'm so grateful that I met you and convinced you to spend your life with me. I'm a lucky man.

    By Anonymous Brian, At February 18, 2010 at 12:02:00 AM CST  

  • Brian is a truly wonderful fellow who gets even better with each passing year. Happy birthday, Brian.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At February 20, 2010 at 11:45:00 AM CST  

  • isn't it funny how much changes after a child? "don't have time for that anymore" is the story of our lives!

    By Anonymous sarah, At February 20, 2010 at 3:25:00 PM CST  

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