Meagan Musing: February 2007

Meagan Musing


Can Fenway Swim?

We had a great birthday weekend for Brian! Dinner on Friday was excellent, and Brian was very happy with all his awesome birthday presents. We enjoyed getting to see Janet on Saturday. The trip with Fenway was a little bit stressful compared to the usual drive. We only stopped once on the way there and then again on the way back. And of course, Janet just loved him! She got down on the floor and played with him. She even took him out for a potty break for me. And thankfully she was wasn't allergic to him. I think if we'd stayed longer he would have started to affect her, but for just the weekend they were fine together. The funniest thing happened while we were in Houston:

I took Fenway out for a potty break Saturday right after we arrived in Houston. He was exploring the back yard. He's getting a lot faster than he was even a few days ago so I was having a hard time keeping up with him. He dodged under the patio table and was running full speed toward the pool. He didn't even slow down! I yelled "NOOOO", but he just ran right in to the pool at full speed. He went straight down and luckily came right back up. He looked up at me with these pleading eyes as he tried to get close the edge. Thankfully, I was able to reach in and pull him out. Janet and Brian had come running as soon as they heard me scream and had a towel all ready for him. He was so cold he was shivering. Janet blow dried him, and I tried to keep him calm. He took a really long nap afterwards and didn't seem too traumatized so I'm hoping this means he's going to be a swimmer! We kept him away from the pool side of the yard after that though. I think we'll wait for the water to warm up before we try his next swim lesson. :)


Happy Birthday Brian!

Brian's 27th birthday is tomorrow - Feb. 17. (He shares it with Michael Jordan.) So to celebrate we're taking him to Del Frisco's for a really great steak, great wine and great times. Mom and Dad, Matt & Kels are going, too. Thanks for staying in town tonight guys! Then we're leaving tomorrow for Houston to see Janet. We're taking Fenway with us. It's his first long trip. (We've only had him for a week!) I hope he's OK in the kennel for that long. So far he's just been to Rockwall and back and he rode in Brian's lap so I'm a little worried about him. And Janet's not really a dog person so I sure hope she likes Fenway. But what's not to like?? He's adorable! He's growing up so quickly. He already weighs a few lbs more than he did when we brought him home! We'll take some pictures tonight so I'll add them to the post later this weekend.

Happy Birthday Brian! I can't believe this is the 6th birthday I've had the privilege of celebrating with you. Thanks for being such a wonderful man. I love you!


My Valentine


You'll always be my Valentine! Thank you for the beautiful roses you sent to my office today. You sure know how to make me smile. There are so many things I love about you, but here is a Valentine's Day list:
  • You have the most amazing sense of humor! I have never met anyone else who can make people laugh the way you do. I know there will always be laughter in our house.
  • Your sense of loyalty. You are loyal to the ones you love to the core.
  • You are hard-working and driven. You have such a need to provide for me and our future children. You work hard and I admire your need to accomplish so much.
  • Your communication skills are amazing! People always say it's men who don't know how to communicate, but you certainly don't fall into that category. I need to take lessons from you. You always know the right thing to say.
  • You are loving, kind and respectful. I know you will always respect me and treat me the way I should be treated and I always feel your love for me.
  • You let me pick Mexican food even when you want sushi, and you wait for me to have two margaritas - this is a little silly compared to the rest, but I so appreciate this! You know how I love my margaritas!

Thanks for being an amazing husband and my Valentine!


Meet Fenway

After a long discussion and lots of research, we decided to bring a puppy into our lives. Now this is kind of crazy for me as I'm known as a total neat freak. And it does kind of freak me out thinking that we're going to have a messy little puppy in our house starting tomorrow. But I just know that he's going to be a joy and a blessing to our lives! If nothing else, he'll teach me a little patience. :)
We decided to name him Fenway in honor of Brian's beloved Red Sox. He's already picked out a Red Sox collar for him to wear when he gets older. Fenway is a Westie. He is supposed to be a low-shed dog and is the friendliest and easiest to train of the terrier bunch according to lots of dog books. I hope they're right!
We made our first ever trip to PetsMart last night. That place is amazing! I had no idea there was so much to buy for a dog! Luckily we'd made a good list from our trusty puppy book, and I think we should be set for the first few days. He comes home tomorrow and he'll be 7 weeks. We're starting a big, new adventure so wish us luck!