Meagan Musing: June 2007

Meagan Musing


Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I think we're going to need Noah to come back with his ark! I've been trying to get to the grocery store after work all week, but there are only a few things worse than ruining your shoes, soaking your clothes and coming home with soggy food.

Last night we tried and tried to get Fenway to go outside to potty in the pouring rain. He finally relented and ran out to tinkle, but would NOT get down to the "other" business. So at about 9:30 Brian and I decided if we stood out there with him maybe he'd feel safer and he'd go ahead and go. (Fenway is the wimpiest dog ever and is very scared of the dark, especially wet dark.) So there we are, me with an umbrella and Brian with his raincoat over his head in the pouring rain saying "Fenway, go potty! Fenway, please go potty!" for 20 minutes!! I can only hope our neighbors couldn't hear us. We finally gave up but not before we were attacked by mosquitos, had soaking wet feet and made total fools of ourselves. We then had to dry him off and clean out his ears, because if you leave his ears wet they get infected. What a lot of work with no results! I've read that dogs think their people families are just other dogs with hands. Do you think Fenway thought we were the dumbest dogs in town last night??



Really Slacking Off

So it looks like I'm a bad blogger, but I have so much to catch up on that it seems like a really daunting task. So I'll just skip most of it and say that Ally was in town last weekend and we had a wonderful time talking and talking and talking some more! Now if only we could talk her into moving to Dallas! :)

Brian's taking me on a date tonight! We're going to La Duni which is one of my all time favorites. And Fenway is getting his first "adult" haircut tomorrow! I can't wait to see what he looks like all cleaned up.

And if the rain and clouds would go away we could have a good lake weekend. We're going to try, but the weather has been very uncooperative so far this summer.

Enjoy your weekend and I'll try to be better going forward!



Wow, am I behind or what? Since we got back from Vegas, we've had Memorial day at the lake, Brian's been to Cali for a week, I've been to D.C. for four days and Fenway has finished his puppy class. That's a lot to catch up on, so I'll give a brief run down:

Memorial Day: We spent the weekend at the lake with Mom, Dad, Matt, Kels, Nana, Katie and her boys and Josh, Emily and their boys. It rained a lot, but we were able to take the boat out a bit and the kids played in the pool even in the rain. Fenway was so good with the little boys. I was worried that he'd be a little aggressive with them, but he was just great! Although he really doesn't like the pool very much.

Edited to add: Uncle Bill was there, too! I can't believe I forgot him!!

Brian left for California for work on Monday night and didn't get back until late on Friday night. It was long week with Fenway on my own, but we survived and were happy to see Brian return.

D.C.: I left for D.C. for work early on Saturday morning, so Brian and I were home together for about 5 hours. And we were sleeping for most of those. But I had a good trip to D.C. and got a lot done. I was able to meet my friends Jess and Julie for dinner and lots of wine on Sunday night. We had such a wonderful time catching up!! Certainly the highlight of the trip. I came home on Tuesday night and was so excited to see Brian and Fenway! Since we've been married this was the longest Brian and I had been apart because you can't really count those 5 hours on Friday night.

Puppy class: Fenway finished his class last night! We still have a lot of practicing to do, but I think it really helped him. And he loved class! He'd run into the store as soon as I got him out of the car.

We have two wedding parties for Jess tomorrow. A honeymoon shower in the morning and then a cocktail/engagement party tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to it!

And on another note - can you believe this has been on the front page of Fox News ALL morning!?!:

I swear our news media is nuts! Forget the immigration bill, the G8 summit, and the war - how's Paris??!! Just crazy!