Meagan Musing: September 2009

Meagan Musing



Andrew was baptised yesterday. I was a little nervous that he'd make a lot of noise or do something crazy, but he was great. He was the first baby out of five to be baptised and other than sticking his hand in the water he did just great. I was so proud.

I decided to take him to the nursery rather than try to keep him in the service with us. Poor guy got fussy after they changed his diaper and when I went back to pick him up he was being pushed around in a stroller by one of the sweet nursery workers. He was really excited to see me.

We tried to get a cute picture while we were still in the church after the service, but there was a little too much going on. Andrew just couldn't figure out where to look. (And apparently neither could I.)

The courtyard was beautiful and a little less busy so we had a bit more luck.

It was wear your black ruffle dress to church day.

I mentioned there were five babies up there yesterday and every one of the moms was wearing a black dress. Kelsey would have fit right in. Now if only we can convince her to have a baby. Ha!

It was such a wonderful day for my family. I'm so grateful we were able to get everyone together to celebrate such a special occasion.

Andrew will be surrounded by love and encouragement as he grows into a young man, and I pray that he will one day be ready to make his own commitment to give his life to God.

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We're Back

We're back from our first flying vacation with Andrew. It was an adventure!

My dear friend Ally got married in Rhode Island on Sunday night, so my little family and my parents headed up to Providence last Thursday morning.

Andrew did surprisingly well on the flights considering he slept for a combined total of an hour on all four flights. But he stayed fairly happy even without sleep.

Here he is ready to board the plane.

Brian's grandmother and cousin live in Cranston, RI so we got to spend some time with them on Saturday. They were happy to see Brian and me, but Andrew was the star of the show!

Brian was able to visit more of his family in Massachusetts on Sunday, but it was Ally's wedding day, and I wanted to help her get ready so Andrew and I stayed in Providence. I was sad to miss out on seeing everyone, but Brian had a great time!

The bride was beautiful and the wedding was wonderful!

It was a fun trip, but it was nice to get back home. Now if only we could get Andrew back on his schedule!

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Movin' Movin'

Andrew's really trying to crawl these days. But he's a lot better at going backward and into a sitting position than he is at moving forward.

He's climbing so much I've had to take the bassinet option out of his pack 'n play at the office. He kept trying to take a header off the side, crazy baby!

My little guy is growing up...sniff, sniff.




He tries to hide under the table, but I know where to find him.



Sans Swaddle

Andrew had not fallen asleep without a swaddle wrapped tightly around his little arms and legs since he was about two months old - until today. I was on my way into my office when I realized I'd forgotten his Swaddle Me.

There was no way I could turn around and go back. He was just going to have to take his afternoon nap without it.

I made sure he was really sleepy after a lot of rocking, and I laid him down in his pack and play. He rolled and he scooted and he sat up and he pulled on the sheet, everything but trying to fall asleep.

This went on for a good 20 minutes before he got fussy. Then I scooped him up, popped in a pacifier and rocked him some more.

And he fell asleep! I had to hold his arms down around his sides, but it worked! I couldn't believe it. He then napped for a whole 45 minutes in the pack and play. And sadly, that's a full afternoon nap for my little guy.

I wasn't brave enough to try it tonight at bedtime, but maybe we'll try a sans swaddle nap again tomorrow.



Moving Out

Whew...we're tired. We're having new hardwoods put down in our house starting on Wednesday, and the place currently looks like this:

Our entire downstairs is being redone so we've had to pack up and move some of our stuff into storage.

We'll be in and out a bunch and we'll be spending lots of time at my mom and dad's over the coming weeks. I'm so grateful that they'll have us considering we come with a baby and a dog and a whole lot of luggage. But I think Mom's really excited about all the time she'll get to spend with Andrew.

So it'll be a bit of a pain to be 30 minutes from town and Brian's commute won't be pretty, but we'll make it work. And our house will look wonderful when it's all said and done. We just keep telling ourselves that...

I'm off to get some sleep before the movers get here tomorrow morning.

Hope y'all had a super fun Labor Day weekend!

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I couldn't get him to look at the camera for anything.

The outside is so much more interesting than his mama. And her camera, which he might be a little board with these days.

Nope - He's not going to smile. But he's pretty handsome anyway.

He was fascinated with the grass. He wanted to put it in his mouth, and I wouldn't let him. He wasn't so thrilled about that, but I've gotten pretty good at the art of distraction.

It was fun to get Andrew outside and let him do some exploring.

*You have to say outside like my dad says Best Buy, with the accent on the out. It makes it much more sophisticated. :)

Y'all have a good night!



Staying Home

We had a catch up day today. We didn't go anywhere except for our long walk around the neighborhood this morning. It was so wonderfully cool outside. I'm telling you, Fall is teasing me.

Because it was so gloriously not hot today Andrew and I had our first outside photo shoot. He was fascinated by the backyard. We have the most boring backyard ever but it was all new to Andrew.

And that is just my tease. You'll have to come back later for the cute new pictures. :)



A Boy's Toy

"Hmmm...where are all my toys?"

"Oh look. It's just out of reach, but I can do it!"

"Ah yes, just what I wanted."

"That was a lot of work. I think I need to rest now."

Our friend left this little ball at our house weeks ago, and it's Andrew's favorite toy. He's going to learn to crawl very soon, and I'm sure it will be to get to this ball.

Or maybe the TV remote.

But the ball is a moving target so it's more fun!