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Dinosaur Valentines

Dinosaur Valentines

Andrew LOVES dinosaurs...everything about them. He knows which ones are big and which ones eat meat and which ones have feathers or live in the water. He can pronounce weird ones like parasaurolophus and can sing the Dinosaurs A-Z song 18 times in a row. Yep.

So when it was time to get to work on our Valentines for Andrew's Pre-K class I knew we needed to go with a dinosaur theme.

And we came up with these two adorable dinosaur Valentines.

Dinosaur Valentines

I mean? Adorable right? We needed two because dinos and hearts go so well together. :)

We couldn't decide on one so I combined them, and had them double-sided printed with the brachiosaurus on the front and just the little steggy and his 'rawr' on the back. I can't wait until Valentine's Day so he can pass them out!

Dinosaur Valentines

We're going to attach a mini dinosaur to the back for a little treat for all his dino-loving friends.

Do you have a dinosaur lover in need of a Valentine? These are for you!

There is room for your kiddo to personalize them on the front or the back depending on if you attach a mini dinosaur. We're using these little vinyl dinos - it's going to be hard for Andrew to give them away! 

Please share and enjoy!


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