Meagan Musing: Friday Shares - Haircut Edition

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Friday Shares - Haircut Edition

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my haircut picture last weekend. I decided to start fresh, and we chopped it all off.

I've had mixed emotions, pulling on phantom hair and looking for my long ponytail, but I've settled on happy with it. It's so bouncy and healthy and is holding curl well. And it's much, much easier to brush and style. It just took me a few days to land here. It's a big change, but as Brian pointed out it nothing like when I cut bangs or went dark the fist time.

Apparently I have a thing for changing up my hair.

It's Valentine's Day! The kids had their parties at school yesterday and had so much fun. They've been hopped up on candy and cookies and sugar in general ever since.

Brian's picking up fancy pizza and we're staying home with the kids tonight. Nothing very romantic, but it'll be special all the same. Do you go all out for Valentine's Day?

To celebrate the day I gave Brian a milk frother and would you believe he thought it was more of a gift for me than for him?? I mean...I would never do something like that! :) But honestly, we're both pretty excited about homemade lattes.

I had fun sharing some of my Instagram friends last week and thought I'd do it again, spotlighting some of my favorite calligraphers.

Lauren Essl is a local Dallas calligrapher. I took her beginners calligraphy class back in December and I loved it. Her style is so effortless and beautiful. I need to keep practicing!

Fozzy is just amazingly talented! Everything she does is gorgeous and she's super generous with tips on her blog and her Instagram account too.

Korie at The Weekend Type's work is so girly and romantic. It makes me want to create hand written letters and mail them to everyone I know.

Happy weekend friends! I hope it's filled with all things lovely!


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