Meagan Musing: December 2012

Meagan Musing


A Look Back

Looking back at 2012 I feel like it was a year of finding myself. How cliche is that? Maybe finding my creative self. I started out the year saying I was going to focus on living life.

I'm not really sure what that even meant, but maybe I did it? I think mostly I adjusted to being a mom to two mobile children. It's still crazy but totally fun, and most days I feel like we're doing really well around here.

I started out the year organizing, cleaning and purging. I got rid of so much stuff, but this house it still so full. An abundance of blessings and I'm thankful, but I still have lots of work to do here.

In March we went on a Disney cruise with my family and Andrew turned three. He of course thought we went on the Mickey Boat to celebrate his birthday. Either way, it was an awesome trip.

Sleeping baby in the Ergo and mini golf with Goofy.

I thought Andrew seemed so big on his third birthday. Now I think he looks like just a baby.

So cool.
I made my first cupcake toppers for Easter in April. Those little toppers were the beginning of my craftiness this year.

I'd never considered myself particularly crafty, but I learned that I really enjoy designing things in Photoshop.

I made banners for lots of holidays.


Like the Fourth of July, Halloween and even the Olympics.

But the crown jewel of my craftiness was Caroline's birthday party.

This still makes me happy.

I should have just left these up all year!
Oh man, that was a pretty party.

Also, I made her cake from scratch. That was new. I bought my first ever KitchenAid mixer, and I've used it lots this year. It's pretty awesome.

Oh, I cut bangs in 2012.

That was a big, big change, but I love them. I'll admit it took me a bit to decide that though. Now I feel like they're flattering and current and also like I tried harder than I did - ha!

Brian was gone a lot this year. He worked a ton and he was in school getting his MBA, but graduated in December. ::angels singing::

I'm so very proud of him.

I started making Bento style lunches at the beginning of the school year.

These are so much fun and Andrew thinks he has the coolest lunch around.

I tried really hard to get my life all organized at the same time. It's a work in progress y'all.

We also spent a week in Florida this fall. It was fabulous.

The kids had the best time. I really loved it there and hope we go back in 2013.

The holidays were kind of a blur of finishing school and decorating and parties and Mavericks games. But we did manage to snap a family picture.

I can't explain Caroline's face. It's the best we could do. Ha!
Andrew believed in Santa's magic this year and was SO excited when he brought him a Batmobile. I totally get it, buddy. I'd like a new car too.

Overall, it was a good year. A year of adjusting and growing and learning who we are as a family of four.

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you take some time to reflect back on your 2012 and find that it was a good one indeed.

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So This is Christmas!

Christmas 2012 was fabulous. My children make holidays so much more magical than they were before. I love their excitement and their contagious enthusiasm.

Here are a few, okay a TON, of photos from our festivities.

Andrew's class had a pajama party on the last day of school before Christmas break. He was just a little pumped about it!

We headed out to my parents' place on Christmas Eve and thought we'd try to go see Santa at the Bass Pro Shop. Well apparently he's a very popular Santa because the line was way longer than we were willing to wait.

So we had photos with consolation Frosty.

And then we hung out in a fishing boat. :)

It was a great {country} outing!

The weather was beautiful on Monday and they were forecasting cold rain, wind and snow for Tuesday so Santa was super thoughtful and brought the kids' big gifts a day early.

A batmobile! {And a mini Cooper for my nephew.} They had SO MUCH fun!

This was all Andrew wanted for Christmas, and it's a good thing it came a day early because Christmas day was indeed stormy and windy and snowy. They would have been so sad to get these cars and then not be able to do anything with them.

We're home now. Brian is off of work until after New Years so we're enjoying some much needed family time and working on some projects around the house.

It still looks like this here though.

Incorporating new toys and new stuff is hard, yo. I'm kind of ready to put all the Christmas stuff up and get back to normal.

Not normal? Snow in Dallas. I think it was our first white Christmas in over 30 years! So cool!

I'm so thankful for my family and our time together. I love that we spent Christmas with my sister and her family so the cousins were all together. I'm also thankful it was cold. It doesn't seem right when it's still warm at Christmas, and I'm glad we didn't have that this year.

But mostly I'm thankful for our Savior's birth and God's unending grace which is new each and every day.

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Our Halls are Decked

I had no idea I was barely going to blog this month.

I miss it - this space. I miss you and your blogs. I know I won't get back to them this week before Christmas, but those days afterward when Brian's home to child wrangle?

I'm so there.

I've been trying to post our Christmas house photos for days.

I was going to put them up last Friday and then the horrific events in Connecticut stole any desire to be productive. Instead I sat on the floor and played cars and read books and stared at my kiddos thanking God for every single blessing in my life and praying great comfort for all the grieving families.

And then I got sick. Like, lay in bed and beg for more medicine sick. At one point my fever was 102.3. What?? I'm too old for that.

So I finally dragged myself to the doctor today, and I have tonsillitis. So rest and fluids and an antibiotic. Amazingly my kids are still perfectly healthy and Brian's been so helpful, but Christmas is coming!

And I still have way too much to do to have just spent three days down and out. I'm hoping the RX means I'll be on the mend like now.

So to help spread a little Christmas cheer (because we could all use more!) I'm finally sharing my very favorite Christmas decor!

My mom has collected Santas for as long as I can remember. She easily has over 50 of the jolly guys and she's passed on her love to me.

These little crinkle clauses are by Impossible Dreams and you can only find them on Ebay these days. A short run in the 90s and now they're gone. But they're still so awesome. I like to add to my collection in the off season. They are scattered throughout the house right now.

And my mom gave me the beautiful green coated Santa a few years ago. He's definitely a favorite. He sits in our entryway hall.

Here is our tree. It has neither a topper or presents under it, but it looks great anyway! No presents because Caroline unwraps them in about 30 seconds and no topper because I didn't know what I wanted to do this year so I just never did anything. lol.

I LOVE our ornaments. My collection has been growing over the years since I got out of school and put up my tree. These are a few favorites from this year.

My nana started giving me pieces to the Fontanini nativity back when I was in high school. This is one of my most treasured Christmas decorations! I've had to keep Caroline's little hands off of it this year, but I wasn't going to skip it.

I used a little burlap and some natural elements this year. These little wreaths are from Target a few years ago but this is the first time I've used them here. The burlap bow is on a tiny tree in our entry way.

And also new this year - my staircase. I used these little berry picks on the top of our tree last year and decided to try them on the stairs this time. I wish I'd had a little sprig of evergreen to add to each bundle. Maybe next year. These were fun and added some cheer to our staircase. And Caroline only tried to eat the little ornaments once! :)

And finally, I bought this garland with Pottery Barn gift cards the year we were married and it still looks pretty. I've threaded it through the light fixture in our dining room the last few years and it makes me happy every time I walk by.

I love our house at Christmastime. It's still covered in toys and dirty kids clothes, but it's festive and cheerful and full of light - just what this season is all about.


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Just Busy

Oh man.

Brian finished school, and I stopped blogging!

Okay, not really. It just seems like it. Things are just so busy this time of year.

I haven't even ordered my Christmas cards yet. Ahhhh! But they're almost finished and I'll be ordering tonight. I think.

Quality Target Time

But I am ahead on shopping and wrapping.

We spent our first school-free weekend cleaning out the garage, hanging Christmas lights and furnishing our back patio. We also went to two parties and on a carriage ride to look at the Christmas lights with friends.

It was a busy weekend, but not once did I worry about hurrying up so Brian could study. Ahhh...freedom.

It's been cold here this week and both kids have runny noses and chapped skin. I feel so bad for Andrew and his red lips, but he licks them all the time. I don't know how to help him. What do you use for chapped lips?

Daddy Snuggles
I have some little bits of Christmas decor photos to share with y'all. And a new outfit to post. Hopefully I'll be back sooner than later. Maybe when I find someone to come wrap all my presents for me. Ha!

What have you been up to?

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Preschool Lunch Bentos - Weeks 9, 10, 11 & 12

Oh my, I'm behind on posting lunches! Here's going waaaaay back before Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 13:

Andrew had turkey shaped turkey sandwiches, cheese and crackers. I think I must have been feeling low on inspiration this day.

Caroline got ham on leaf picks, leaf shaped cheese, goldfish and raisins in a silicone fruit cup. That's an orange lunch!

Andrew had a little Thanksgiving feast at school that Thursday so only one day of lunches that week.

Tuesday, November 20: 

Alright - back to more fun! Star shaped cheese, crackers, ham, PB crackers and grapes all packed in our favorite frog box.

Caroline had ham, smart puffs, strawberries, grapes and PB crackers.

Her teachers clean out their boxes so I don't know what all she eats. She's always hungry after school, but she's hungry all the time anyway so I'm not sure how much she eats.

Tuesday, November 27:

This wasn't my best face attempt. I haven't mastered the tiny cutouts yet. I think I might get these cutters for Andrew's stocking. They look much easier. But I love the little crackers in the frog ears. :) I like to do apple slices because both kids like them, but I have to soak them in lemon water first so it's an extra step. I think I remember these lunches taking me forever!

Caroline got crispy apples, yogurt covered raisins, tiny PB sandwiches and smart puffs in one of my favorite boxes.

Thursday, November 29:

I had packed this lunch in another box and Andrew insisted I move it into the frog so here it is. I was happy it all fit!

He had peanut butter celery under the little broccoli paper, chocolate chip cookies, ham, cheese and blueberries. This was one of those lunches where I just kind of threw stuff in. Ha!

Tuesday, December 4:

Superhero sandwiches are always a favorite, berries, pita chips, christmas tree cheese and crackers and yogurt.

Caroline had ham, cheese, blueberries, yogurt covered raisins and goldfish. Let's laugh that my 15 month old got her initials in her ham. Ha! I guess I run out of ideas for her. She'll like those little animal faces I think.

Thursday, December 6:

I loved this lunch with all its pretty colors! Those little dino picks are so cute.

I need to work on my Christmas themed lunches. Have you found any cute Christmas lunch inspiration? Wendolonia did a week of super fun Christmas lunches last week. She's so clever!

Let me know if you have any lunch questions! I like shopping Amazon and of course All Things for Sale. They have the best prices. Andrew will be getting quite a few lunch tools in his stocking this year. :)

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