Meagan Musing: Bento Lunches - January 13 - 23

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Bento Lunches - January 13 - 23

Some weekends I wake up with this great need to get all the things done - clean, grocery shop, laundry, decorate, organize the kids' closets!

And then some weekends I just want to sit on the couch, read facebook posts on my phone and feed the kids nachos.

I'll let y'all decide which weekend we just had, but let's just say I was actually excited to see a Monday morning - I needed to feel productive again!

We didn't start back to school from Christmas break until January 13th. It was the longest break ever, but I'm not going to lie - the lunch packing break was kind of nice. It was fun to get back to it though, especially after I added a few new supplies to my bento stash.

Here's a look at our first three weeks of 2014 lunches:

January 13, 2014

Superhero Bentos

This was Andrew's first lunch in the New Year. Superhero sandwiches stacked on top of each other with ketchup for dipping in the blue cup, and Scooby bones in the bottom tier. (The superhero cutters are from an old set at Williams-Sonoma and they don't have them anymore, but I'm always on the lookout for new sets.) The top tier of our frog box held blackberries in flower and star cups with superhero rings and cinnamon chex.

January 14, 2014

PlanetBox Bento

These eyes are from a new set I bought from BentoUSA this month. I just love them! Andrew had ham roll-ups (peekabo!), celery with peanut butter with a "Hello" sheet of baran, a bunch of winking strawberries, pita chips and cheese (which he didn't even open!) and a stack of delicious vanilla crackers from our NatureBox snacks.

Preschool Bento

Caroline's lunch was packed in our flat divided container. She had ham roll-ups with a little doggie sheet, strawberries with a kitty cat pick, pita chips and bear stamped cheese and a handful of yogurt melts.

January 16, 2014

Hello Kitty Bento

Caroline had a little Hello Kitty sandwich, cut and stamped with the CuteZCute cutter, carrots, yogurt melts and colorful goldfish, both packed in heart silicone cups and finished off with grapes. This lunch was packed in our Lunchbots Duo.

Party Hat Cat Bento

Andrew also had a cat sandwich, but his had a party hat! He too got carrots, pita chips packed in a silicone cup, dipping ketchup in the blue cup, and grapes. This lunch was packed in the two piece Lunchbots steal boxes. These are great boxes. They have plastic lids that are easy for Andrew to open and are easy to pack. I really love both my Lunchbots boxes.

January 20, 2014

Dino Bento

This was the I've been out of town and have very little fresh food lunch, but Andrew loved it! Peanut butter cracker sandwiches with a little dino baran sheet, a mini Lego box filled with cinnamon chex, a Halo with a leaf pick, a Go-Go SqueeZ applesauce and a handful of cashews were all packed in the big Lego box.

January 21, 2013

Planet Box Bento

On his way home from school on Monday Andrew told me exactly what he wanted in his lunch on Tuesday and I complied: superhero turkey sandwiches, more peanut butter cracker sandwiches, ketchup for dipping in the blue dot cup, mini carrots and ranch, strawberries and mini M&M's all packed in the PlanetBox. He ate every single bite!

Yumbox Bento

Caroline's lunch was packed in our Yumbox. (I so wish I'd bought the pink one since Caroline is the one who primarily uses this box. The pink is SO cute!) She had him rolls, colorful goldfish, strawberries, yogurt melts, fresh mozzarella cheese bites and mini M&M's.

January 23, 2014

Valentine Hearts Bento

I broke out the heart cutters last week! I love Valentine lunches - here are few favorites from last year. Not all of our lunches will be full of lovey dovey stuff between now and the 14th, but I decided we were close enough to get started. :)

Andrew had heart shaped strawberries, carrots with ranch for dipping in a pink cup, ham roll-ups with a heart shaped cheese topper, pretzels and another pink dipping cup with ketchup and a little gummy heart candy. It was all packed in the Lock&Lock box.

Valentine Bentos

Caroline had a heartsy lunch too. Ham roll-ups with another cheese heart, raspberries on a heart pick, carrots and pretzels. She got TWO little heart gummies. :) I used these heart shaped silicone cups in her lunch.


Did you see my Guide to Bento Lunches post last week? Everything you need to get started packing adorable, healthy lunches! Any questions? Please let me know! :)


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