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Meagan Musing


Friday Shares

It's been a week - ya know? I've had a cold, but the kids are healthy. It's been cold, but no snow or ice storms here, thank goodness. I really don't have a reason to complain, I've just felt kind of blah.

Maybe it's just the January blahs?

I just hung my Valentine banner in the living room, and I'm feeling a little less blah already.

Bring on February and its red hearts and loooove. (That's how we treat people in our family, with looooove. It's the sweetest thing to hear Andrew remind Caroline of our family rule, with the drawn out ooooooove part.)

I've read a bunch of good stuff on the internet this week. I would have so much more time on my hands if I didn't have the Internet. Can you even imagine? But I'd also miss out on so much goodness. I wanted to share a little of it with you.

This post from Megan had me crying in my coffee yesterday morning. Oh, mother-daughter relationships. Push and pull and love and letting go and holding on. You'll probably need a tissue too.

I found this post from Slate on how very wrong two spaces after a period really is fascinating. I learned two spaces after the period in my typing class back in sixth grade, but I gave it up sometime after college. I can't for the life of me remember why - brevity probably. But I'm glad I do it correctly now.

If these PB Teen gold polka dot sheets came in a king I'd have them on my bed in a heartbeat. As it is, they're being added to my idea bank for Caroline's big girl room.

I love all the presets from One Willow Boutique and recently bought her newest set, The Rustic Collection. They're all pretty, but I'm enjoying the rich colors and depth in these presets and it's been fun to have a little something new to experiment with on my Project 365 photos.

I loved this "gym look" outfit post from C.Style because, well, I wear workout clothes at least two days a week and could use a little guidance in this department. Couldn't we all?

Happy weekend friends.




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