Meagan Musing: Snow Day!

Meagan Musing


Snow Day!

We've had a record amount of snowfall in Dallas today. It is crazy! I've never seen anything like it here. And Andrew certainly hasn't either.

My little guy has a bit of a runny nose so I hated to get him out in the snow, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity.

He loved the snow so much he didn't want to come back inside!

If this crazy weather keeps up I'm going to have to invest in some real winter clothes for Andrew. Poor kid doesn't even have a pair of mittens!

But he didn't mind. He just wanted to try to catch the snowflakes.

Brian shouldn't have to go to work tomorrow so I'm hoping he'll build Andrew a snowman. Since this is Dallas snow he won't have much time before it melts. He'll have to get an early start!

I'll share some pictures with you if we're able to build a giant frosty in the backyard.

Hope you're staying warm!



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