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We've had such a fun few days. Andrew is just so much fun right now. He laughs and laughs at all kinds of things.

Of course, he's also starting to show us his strong personality. He's figured out that he can let me know when he's not happy about something. I often find myself racing him to an open door to keep him out of the pantry or a bathroom or from falling out on to the back porch. He doesn't like to lose this race. He'll just cry and cry when I close a door he thinks he needed to go through. I'm getting good at the art of distraction.

We had a little playgroup with my mom's group friends and their babies Monday night. We met at the small indoor playground at the church. Andrew hadn't ever been to an indoor playground so he was really excited about all the new stuff to explore.

He managed to figure out how to climb up inside the big playhouse part with the slides. I was afraid he'd fall down the slide so I was trying to block that side, and while I was busy watching the slide he fell off the steps that he'd just climbed up.

I was worried about him but also really embarrassed that my child had just fallen out of the playhouse. But he cried for about ten seconds and then wiggled his way out of my arms to get right back to it.

No fear in that guy.

I'm afraid I'm in trouble.

But I'm loving every minute of it.

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