Meagan Musing: July 2011

Meagan Musing


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I've been in serious nesting mode and have been going, going going these last few days. We're so close to being ready for this baby, which is good because I guess she could be here any day now. I'll be 39 weeks on Tuesday.

I have to say that I'm very thankful for Brian who has done so much around the house for me even though he has a million things to do for work and school. I certainly wouldn't be anywhere close to ready if it weren't for his hard work.

Now, on with the hunt!

{Walking Empty Streets}

As hot as it's been, all of our streets are empty right now. No one wants to suffer through these temps.

{Repeating Patterns}

I've been working on a small crafty(!) project for the nursery this weekend, and this is a fabric I picked up for it last week. I just love the colors and the geometric shapes. So fun!


Sweet Shot Day

This might be one of my favorite photos ever. He loves these rain boots so much. Sadly, the last time he actually needed them was sometime back in May, but that doesn't keep him from wearing them around the house.

{Then & Now}

On the left, Andrew at the end of July 2010. On the right, Andrew at the end of July 2011. *Sigh.* Where does the time go?


Our favorite snack, Quaker Chewy peanut butter and chocolate granola bars. Mmmmm....

Next Week's Prompts:

Seeing Double/Two

We'll see if I make it next week!

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{Hot} Friday Flowers

Apparently nesting is a very real phenomenon. I've barely even sat down today, getting more done this week than I'd accomplished in the last three combined.

Whew...I'm tired, and hot.

Did y'all know it's hot in Texas? Today was our 28th day in a row of 100+ degree days. Next week our forecast looks like this:


Seriously...that's just not right.

But I wanted to share these pretty flowers (taken from the comfort of my air conditioned home) for a few Friday challenges.



and then, she {snapped}

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This week's theme for You Capture at I Should Be Folding Laundry is fruit, which made me laugh. I'm going to tell y'all a secret that I really don't like people to know because they think I'm so weird, but....

I don't like fruit very much.


I know, I know.

I'm really missing out. Especially in the summer with all that fresh stuff available. But I do think it's pretty.


And I do eat some fruit. Like apples and cantaloupe, but that's about it.

Now Andrew on the other hand hasn't yet met a fruit he won't eat.


And Brian, too. He even eats funny looking things like mangoes and kiwi. :)


I do really like fruit flavored candy though. Does that count? Like green apple jolly ranchers and cherry popsicles...mmmmmm.


My nana loved cherries so much. She also loved to talk during movies, and one lazy Saturday a few years ago we girls were sitting around watching Something's Got to Give. We'd told Nana before the movie started that we really wanted to watch it and we should all save our commentary for after the movie.

Nana was doing so well, watching in silence, until the scene where Diane Keaton washes a bowl full of cherries. Nana just couldn't help exclaiming over their beauty.

They are so pretty, aren't they?

Photobucket Still Life Standouts

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38 Weeks



I'm getting bigger and bigger. And more and more tired. And really excited to meet this baby girl!

Good friends of ours, Brian's college roommate and his wife, had their first baby this week and it made me realize we are so close to actually having this baby girl in our arms. :)

I had my first ever non-stress test at my doctor's appointment today. Everything looked great with the baby. She's super busy, and my doctor thought she seemed a little bit bigger than she did last week, but he still wants me to come in early next week for another growth ultrasound.

I'm pretty sure she's getting bigger though because I suddenly have feet way up high in my ribs that were not there just a few days ago. Ouch. I've been stretching and contorting my body trying to find a way to push them down, but so far, no luck.

I was lying there trying to read my book during the test today and got all worried that maybe I was having contractions and what if they decided they needed to keep me and ohmygoshI'MNOTREADY.

Of course that didn't happen, but I'm going to pack my hospital bag tomorrow just in case.

And the best news of the week: my glider for the nursery is in and ready to be picked up and my drapes should be here by the end of the week! We will have a finished nursery in just a matter of days. I'm so excited about it! I can't wait to share it with y'all. It's so pretty and feminine and ruffly.

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Ahh...Sunday night. It's always so hard to wrap up the weekend knowing you're going to have start a crazy week the next morning.

We had such a fun weekend. I was planning for us to stay home and be productive around the house, but then Brian ended up having class until 4PM on Saturday. And I decided if he was going to be gone all day Andrew and I should just go spend the day at my parents' place - in the pool.

My sister's in-laws were in town and we had a great time with everyone. Brian came out to meet us after his class so he got to have some fun, too.

And then tonight we had dinner with some dear friends we hadn't seen in a long time. Their little boy is almost 18 months and he was so cute tonight. Andrew had lots of fun with him, and his parents.

Now...on to my Scavenger Hunt. I tried to be creative this week and had lots of fun with these prompts.

{Music to my Ears}

This is my mom's old cornet from high school and she's had it out on a shelf in the library at their house, but Andrew recently found it. I'm afraid it's going to have to go in to hiding.


Andrew loves playing cowboy.


Bubbles! I love how light bounces off bubbles so they can be lots of colors yet clear at the same time.

{Out of this World}

Uhhh...out of this world CUTE. Okay, it's a bit of a stretch, but I couldn't come up with much else. And seriously, how cute is that Lightning McQueen car?


Anything for an excuse to eat sprinkles cupcakes, right? We picked these up on Friday. Andrew had chocolate, and I may or may not have had two - a vanilla and a pumpkin. Mmmmmm....

The prompts for next week are:

1. Walking Empty Streets
2. Repeating Patterns
3. Floor
4. Then and Now
5. Fingertips

So some of these sound a little tricky...I better get to work.

But not until I get some sleep. :)

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This Week

We've had a fun week around here. Although this morning Andrew found his hidden kazoo which might just end our week on a very bad note. It's going to have to go missing again very soon. :)

On Monday Andrew grabbed his cowboy hat and jumped on his little rocking cow. I grabbed my camera and he told me to take a picture of me, too. So that's how we ended up with this silly photo.


We headed to our favorite haircut place on Tuesday after MDO. I wanted to get him trimmed up a bit before the baby gets here and it's too hot to do anything else so it was a fun way to kill some time.


He loves getting his haircut and driving the taxi or the firetruck.



His favorite part was the sucker afterward.




We went to Sonic on our way home and Andrew finished his sucker in the car before we got home and he was crushed. He kept saying he wanted to take it home and he looked so surprised when he realized it was gone. It made me so sad, and I totally would have given him another one if we'd had one.

We also played a little basketball one evening after it had cooled off a bit. Andrew's a little obsessed with sports, but he gets them all mixed up. It's hard to keep basketball and soccer and baseball straight, you know?


I got a pedicure that I've ALREADY MESSED UP! How does that happen so fast? I'm planning to go in tomorrow to see if they can fix it. I was really hoping it would last more than two days.

And I got my hair done this week so I'm basically ready for the baby to arrive. Except for all that actual baby related stuff.

Andrew and I are off to run some errands and eat chicken nuggets on this fine Friday. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Our Tree

Our neighborhood is old - the first houses here were built in the '20s. And before the land was used for housing it was a pecan grove, so the neighborhood is full of beautiful, amazingly old pecan trees.

They can be a bit of a pain because they're big and need quite a bit of upkeep as far as trees go, but they sure give us lots of shade. And every few years they give us buckets full of pecans. (You just have to be faster than the squirrels to collect them.)

We have one giant pecan tree in our backyard, and I'm so grateful for it. Some days Brian threatens to have it cut down, but we'd never really get rid of it.


It's the only thing that gives us any shade in our backyard, and I couldn't be more grateful for it - especially in this never-ending summer.

Last weekend we broke out the sprinkler and enjoyed the cool, cool water before it got too hot to play outside. And, of course, we sat it up by the tree utilizing every bit of shade we could find.



The tree also provides hours of entertainment for Fenway. Many, many squirrels are in and out and up and down our tree all day and Fenway is just sure he's going to catch one any day now.


I would be shocked if he actually outran one, but he's persistent.


It's a wonderful old tree.

{I'm linking up with You Capture this week. Be sure to check out the other entries - little cute babies, beautiful flowers or trees.}


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37 Week Baby Update

I'm 37 weeks and full term!


I had my weekly appointment yesterday and my doctor was a little worried that she seemed small, especially compared to Andrew at this point so he sent me in for an ultrasound today.

Brian came with me and it was nice to get to see her again, but she was so squished in there it was hard to see anything that we could really distinguish as the baby. :)

Sure enough she's measuring about 35 weeks and 5.5 lbs. We're not very concerned though because her relative growth and fluid level is fine - she just seems to be small. Andrew was so huge the whole time that this is all new to me, but I really feel like everything will work out fine.

And it makes me realize I should not be in a hurry to deliver this baby. Yes, it's insanely hot and it's hard to be pregnant, especially when you have a toddler at home, but the longer this baby stays inside to grow and get strong the better.

And here's a 17, 27 and 37 week comparison:


I mean - you'd think she'd be right on track as big as I am at this point. And can we talk about how back on March 1st I was able to wear that nice lightweight sweater? Oh, how I miss my layers.

(You didn't think I could post without mentioning the weather did you? :) )

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Gallery Wall

Do you have your favorite photos framed or displayed somewhere in your house?

I have all these wonderful photos that I just love. Like this one:


Sweet Shot Day

And this one:


And I've been soooo bad about having them even printed, much less framed and displayed.

But a few months ago, sometime when it was much cooler than 100 degrees, I decided to order wall frames. I looked around and picked these from

They sat in our dining room for weeks before I finally had a plan to put them up. The hardest part was selecting my favorite photos, but I went through my blog to help me narrow it down. They are now hanging in the upstairs hall outside Andrew's bedroom.


I'm so, so happy with this wall! I also ordered an 11 x 14 canvas, and it's true what people say - an 11 x 14 really isn't that big. But I love the detail and the depth it adds to the set.



I'm already planning to do a set for baby girl once she gets here. These are making me so happy. I've smiled every time I've walked by them. Yes, it's a bit of an ego boost because - hey! there are my photos! - but I also just love looking at Andrew smiles.

So, if you've been putting off framing your photos I'd encourage you to just do it. You'll love walking by your work every day!


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