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Andrew takes his wooden spoon play very seriously.

He takes lots of things seriously. When he was little tiny he was so serious. He just almost never smiled, and his at rest face was one of great concentration and thought.

(His brow furrows really nicely, which I think makes his look especially thoughtful.)

He's still serious when he's really concentrating on something, but now this baby of mine is so playful and silly. He loves to run around the coffee table in circles and laugh. He must just think it's the funniest thing in the world.

He also loves it when his mama dances. I must be a hysterical dancer because it makes him laugh every single time.

He laughs at himself, too. He seems to think the hearth in our den is his own personal stage because he loves to stand up there, bounce up and down, and laugh and squeal like it's the greatest thing ever.

And the dog. Oh, he thinks everything the dog does is the funniest! All Fenway has to do is lay down on the floor and Andrew walks up, points at him and laughs. Sweet, patient Fenway.

I love his laugh. It's such a joy-filled noise. I could giggle with him all day long.

But y'all, it's hard to get a cute picture of him when he's laughing.

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