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This week's theme for You Capture at I Should Be Folding Laundry is fruit, which made me laugh. I'm going to tell y'all a secret that I really don't like people to know because they think I'm so weird, but....

I don't like fruit very much.


I know, I know.

I'm really missing out. Especially in the summer with all that fresh stuff available. But I do think it's pretty.


And I do eat some fruit. Like apples and cantaloupe, but that's about it.

Now Andrew on the other hand hasn't yet met a fruit he won't eat.


And Brian, too. He even eats funny looking things like mangoes and kiwi. :)


I do really like fruit flavored candy though. Does that count? Like green apple jolly ranchers and cherry popsicles...mmmmmm.


My nana loved cherries so much. She also loved to talk during movies, and one lazy Saturday a few years ago we girls were sitting around watching Something's Got to Give. We'd told Nana before the movie started that we really wanted to watch it and we should all save our commentary for after the movie.

Nana was doing so well, watching in silence, until the scene where Diane Keaton washes a bowl full of cherries. Nana just couldn't help exclaiming over their beauty.

They are so pretty, aren't they?

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