Meagan Musing: Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Meagan Musing


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I've been in serious nesting mode and have been going, going going these last few days. We're so close to being ready for this baby, which is good because I guess she could be here any day now. I'll be 39 weeks on Tuesday.

I have to say that I'm very thankful for Brian who has done so much around the house for me even though he has a million things to do for work and school. I certainly wouldn't be anywhere close to ready if it weren't for his hard work.

Now, on with the hunt!

{Walking Empty Streets}

As hot as it's been, all of our streets are empty right now. No one wants to suffer through these temps.

{Repeating Patterns}

I've been working on a small crafty(!) project for the nursery this weekend, and this is a fabric I picked up for it last week. I just love the colors and the geometric shapes. So fun!


Sweet Shot Day

This might be one of my favorite photos ever. He loves these rain boots so much. Sadly, the last time he actually needed them was sometime back in May, but that doesn't keep him from wearing them around the house.

{Then & Now}

On the left, Andrew at the end of July 2010. On the right, Andrew at the end of July 2011. *Sigh.* Where does the time go?


Our favorite snack, Quaker Chewy peanut butter and chocolate granola bars. Mmmmm....

Next Week's Prompts:

Seeing Double/Two

We'll see if I make it next week!

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