Meagan Musing: This Week

Meagan Musing


This Week

We've had a fun week around here. Although this morning Andrew found his hidden kazoo which might just end our week on a very bad note. It's going to have to go missing again very soon. :)

On Monday Andrew grabbed his cowboy hat and jumped on his little rocking cow. I grabbed my camera and he told me to take a picture of me, too. So that's how we ended up with this silly photo.


We headed to our favorite haircut place on Tuesday after MDO. I wanted to get him trimmed up a bit before the baby gets here and it's too hot to do anything else so it was a fun way to kill some time.


He loves getting his haircut and driving the taxi or the firetruck.



His favorite part was the sucker afterward.




We went to Sonic on our way home and Andrew finished his sucker in the car before we got home and he was crushed. He kept saying he wanted to take it home and he looked so surprised when he realized it was gone. It made me so sad, and I totally would have given him another one if we'd had one.

We also played a little basketball one evening after it had cooled off a bit. Andrew's a little obsessed with sports, but he gets them all mixed up. It's hard to keep basketball and soccer and baseball straight, you know?


I got a pedicure that I've ALREADY MESSED UP! How does that happen so fast? I'm planning to go in tomorrow to see if they can fix it. I was really hoping it would last more than two days.

And I got my hair done this week so I'm basically ready for the baby to arrive. Except for all that actual baby related stuff.

Andrew and I are off to run some errands and eat chicken nuggets on this fine Friday. I hope you all have a great weekend!

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