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Our Tree

Our neighborhood is old - the first houses here were built in the '20s. And before the land was used for housing it was a pecan grove, so the neighborhood is full of beautiful, amazingly old pecan trees.

They can be a bit of a pain because they're big and need quite a bit of upkeep as far as trees go, but they sure give us lots of shade. And every few years they give us buckets full of pecans. (You just have to be faster than the squirrels to collect them.)

We have one giant pecan tree in our backyard, and I'm so grateful for it. Some days Brian threatens to have it cut down, but we'd never really get rid of it.


It's the only thing that gives us any shade in our backyard, and I couldn't be more grateful for it - especially in this never-ending summer.

Last weekend we broke out the sprinkler and enjoyed the cool, cool water before it got too hot to play outside. And, of course, we sat it up by the tree utilizing every bit of shade we could find.



The tree also provides hours of entertainment for Fenway. Many, many squirrels are in and out and up and down our tree all day and Fenway is just sure he's going to catch one any day now.


I would be shocked if he actually outran one, but he's persistent.


It's a wonderful old tree.

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