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Gallery Wall

Do you have your favorite photos framed or displayed somewhere in your house?

I have all these wonderful photos that I just love. Like this one:


Sweet Shot Day

And this one:


And I've been soooo bad about having them even printed, much less framed and displayed.

But a few months ago, sometime when it was much cooler than 100 degrees, I decided to order wall frames. I looked around and picked these from

They sat in our dining room for weeks before I finally had a plan to put them up. The hardest part was selecting my favorite photos, but I went through my blog to help me narrow it down. They are now hanging in the upstairs hall outside Andrew's bedroom.


I'm so, so happy with this wall! I also ordered an 11 x 14 canvas, and it's true what people say - an 11 x 14 really isn't that big. But I love the detail and the depth it adds to the set.



I'm already planning to do a set for baby girl once she gets here. These are making me so happy. I've smiled every time I've walked by them. Yes, it's a bit of an ego boost because - hey! there are my photos! - but I also just love looking at Andrew smiles.

So, if you've been putting off framing your photos I'd encourage you to just do it. You'll love walking by your work every day!


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