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Last week Compassion International sent a group of bloggers to Uganda to see and then blog about all that the charity does for struggling children and the communities where they live.

One of my favorite bloggers, BooMama, was asked to go along, and she had some amazing stories to share with her readers. You should check out her posts from last week, especially this one, if you have some time to be truly touched by what you read.

You can also visit Shannon's blog if you want to read more about the bloggers' trip. Shannon was able to meet the boy her family has been sponsoring. What an amazing opportunity for her and her little boy!

I have never felt a calling to do missionary work in Africa or any other far away country in any way. (I know Mom's sighing in relief right now!) But I greatly admire those who feel called and then are able to act on that calling. Being able to read these women's stories and see the joy on the faces of those little children was a wonderful experience for me. And I wanted to share it with you.



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