Meagan Musing: I'll Do Better Tomorrow

Meagan Musing


I'll Do Better Tomorrow

My weather widget tells me it is currently 79 degrees with 57% humidity - 57%! There's no way it is only 57%. It's raining, and I just got word that's it is going to turn into a thunderstorm with hail(!) here in the next 15 minutes.

You would think it was April with this weird, sticky weather we're having. It was nice this weekend. It was warm, but not humid. And it's okay to wear jeans, a light weight top and maybe even flip-flops(!) on Sunday while you're watching the Super Bowl. But it's another thing entirely to have to pick out work clothes to wear when it's 82 degrees in February.

That is why I'm wearing my cute, black wrap dress from Banana today. It has three-quarter sleeves and is a nice breathable cotton, but it is black so I don't look like I'm waiting for the Easter bunny. My great mistake was in deciding to wear the tall black boots rather than the nice shiny black flats.

I'm hot, and my boots just seem so out of place on this "spring" day in February. But since this is Texas I shouldn't worry too much. I'm sure my outfit will be completely appropriate for the weather by tomorrow.



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