Meagan Musing: Super Sunday

Meagan Musing


Super Sunday

It's a beautiful Sunday here in Big-D. The sun is out and it's in the lower 70s - 70s! That's just crazy for February. Brian is out for a run with his Nike Plus gadget that sends his run stats to his iPod, and I'm thinking of taking a nap while sitting on the sofa with my NEW LAPTOP! I'm so excited that I can blog from my living room! :)

We're going to Matt & Kelsey's to watch the Super Bowl tonight. Brian is of course rooting for the Patriots. I'm so afraid Bostonians will get the trifecta this year. The Red Sox have already won the World Series, the Pats will probably win the Super Bowl and the Celtics are looking very promising this season. I just don't know if I can handle ALL of Brian's teams winning championships when none of mine can win anything. But I'll try to be, er, gracious.

Poor Fenway managed to eat some plastic off of one of his toys last night. We knew he was able to pull some of the plastic off, but didn't know that he had eaten it! He threw up at least five times this morning, once while we were eating breakfast. We were at Mom and Dad's, and I'm sure they were trilled to have a vomiting dog in their house!

We packed up to head back home and plopped Fenway into the backseat like always. We hadn't even left the neighborhood before he threw up again. Eww...we turned back so we could have Mom help us clean it up borrow Mom's cleaning supplies. Luckily Fenway made it all the way home without throwing up again after that. Now he just needs a bath and maybe a stronger tummy.

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful Super Bowl Sunday! GO PATS!

UPDATE: Fenway just threw up another piece of plastic. We're making progress!

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  • Looks like you don't have to worry about the trifecta after all! It's now time to focus on the Mavs. We have to have someone win in this city :)

    By Anonymous kelsey, At February 5, 2008 at 12:44:00 PM CST  

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