Meagan Musing: Days Like This

Meagan Musing


Days Like This

Days like today are why I love living in Texas! I just returned from a run outside in shorts and a t-shirt and I'm HOT! Not sexy hot, (I promise, I'm a very unattractive exerciser) but temperature hot.

I see the national forecasts with all our northern friends freezing on the tundra and I'm just so grateful for sunny, 70 degree days in February. It even makes those 100 degree days in August worth it.

(Someone please remind me that I actually put the previous statement in writing when I'm sweating and swearing that the heat will never end later this summer.)

I'm going to have a splendidly domestic day today: take Fenway for walk, go to grocery store, wash piles and piles of dirty laundry, put away said laundry, straighten house, make dinner, watch Grammys. We're so exciting!

Fenway is certainly enjoying the sunshine. How cute is he napping in the sunshine?

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