Meagan Musing: Sweet Hubby

Meagan Musing


Sweet Hubby

Brian had flowers sent to my office for Valentine's Day. Aren't they pretty?

I called him right after they arrived so that I could thank him. I told him he could see how pretty they were for himself tonight when I brought them home.

And do you know what he said to that? "No, leave them at work! You might have OTHER flowers for home. The roses are for your office." Smile. How great is that?

He also made a crack about how weird it is that part of my job entails me going to buy dry ice pellets, but other than that it was a very sweet, Valentine-y conversation. He's taking me to Gloria's for dinner tonight which is not at all romantic, but my favorite. And because they can get you in and out in under an hour, we should make it home in time to watch Lost! We have our priorities straight.

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