Meagan Musing: 15 Months

Meagan Musing


15 Months

It's been funny to look at my blog this week and see that picture of little Andrew. It's such a contrast to what he's like now. I am so amazed at how much he's changed in just one short year.

Now he runs around all over the place in yellow floaties!

He was 15 months old on Wednesday.

Andrew was happier at Mother's Day Out this week. He still cried when I dropped him off, but when I came back to get him he was in the middle of the room stacking some big blocks and two of the other boys were right there watching him.

The kid loves an audience!

And he only cried a little when he looked up and saw me at the door. So we made some progress. By the end of the summer I hope he'll be a MDO pro!

I've finally ordered some prints of my pictures. I take an insane amount of pictures but I'm really bad about getting them printed. I love sharing them here and I think it's so great that I'm going to have this awesome record of our lives, but I also like to look at pictures in real life.

I ordered from for the first time so I'll have let you know how they turn out.

I'm looking forward to this Father's Day weekend. It's our last quiet weekend at home for the next long while so we're going to try to relax a bit and enjoy some family time. (And I'm going to work in a little shopping with my sister!).


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