Meagan Musing: On a Jet Plane

Meagan Musing


On a Jet Plane

In just a matter of minutes we're leaving on a quick, 3-night vacation, and we're leaving Andrew at home with his Grammy G.

I've already said my goodbyes, and he's upstairs napping. He thinks we've already left (we walked out the door with my purse and keys and everything) so he won't be surprised when he wakes up and we're not here.

Sniff, sniff. I'm a little bit sad, a lot excited and a little worried. I know he and Brian's mom are going to have a great time. Janet is soooo good with him and he really likes her. They're just going to play and play. But I am worried he'll get sad before we get home.

And... I haven't weaned him yet. So there's that. But he does just fine without it when I'm not around so I'm just praying he doesn't realize what he's missing.

I'll be back next week with fun vacation pictures and I'll let you know how much fun Andrew had without us! :)

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