Meagan Musing: Start of Summer

Meagan Musing


Start of Summer

Well, we survived our night away from Andrew. In fact, we really enjoyed it, and so did he. He was so happy at Mimi and Papa Jack's. Mom said he never got whiny or sad and he slept all night. I'd say it was a success!

We were reunited on Saturday afternoon for a super fun lake weekend to kick off the summer.

Guess who enjoyed the pool?

I'm so glad he liked it. Last summer he got to sit in our laps on the tanning ledge but didn't really go anywhere. He splashed the water around and that was about it.

But this weekend he was all over the place, playing with his little water bucket and floating in his rafts.

He and Brian are going to do swimming lessons this summer, and I know they're going to have a great time together.

(Brian is a lifelong swimmer and can't wait to share his love of the pool with our little guy. And I don't have to worry about spending any extra time in a bathing suit since he's doing the lessons. :) It's a win-win!).

We had such a fun weekend together. I'm looking forward to lots of fun lake and pool time with friends and family this summer!

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