Meagan Musing: First Haircut

Meagan Musing


First Haircut

We took Andrew to get his first haircut this weekend. I was so excited. Andrew's hair was super shaggy. You could even say he was sporting a mullet. It was cute, but it was time to clean him up bit.

I'd been thinking about getting it cut for a long time and had decided about a month ago that we were ready. But I wanted Brian to go with us and we just haven't had any Saturday free time in a while.

And this weekend was perfect.

Brian tried to distract him while we waited for a few minutes.

When it was our turn Brian sat him down in the little red car chair and buckled him in. I grabbed my camera, ready to capture this awesome moment.

And then Andrew totally freaked out.

I was so surprised he was upset. He's really not easily scared and he's never been shy or uncomfortable in busy, loud places so it never even occurred to me he wouldn't just go with it.

I was sad for him, but happy that The Wiggles were on TV right in front of him and we were able to get him distracted with all that craziness.

Here he is all shaggy and baby-ish.

Not quite sure what to think about all of this.

He really got in to character with my sunglasses.

Yay! We got a real smile!

And here he is at home all cleaned up and looking like a big boy.

*Sigh* He's growing up so fast.

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