Meagan Musing: Sans Swaddle

Meagan Musing


Sans Swaddle

Andrew had not fallen asleep without a swaddle wrapped tightly around his little arms and legs since he was about two months old - until today. I was on my way into my office when I realized I'd forgotten his Swaddle Me.

There was no way I could turn around and go back. He was just going to have to take his afternoon nap without it.

I made sure he was really sleepy after a lot of rocking, and I laid him down in his pack and play. He rolled and he scooted and he sat up and he pulled on the sheet, everything but trying to fall asleep.

This went on for a good 20 minutes before he got fussy. Then I scooped him up, popped in a pacifier and rocked him some more.

And he fell asleep! I had to hold his arms down around his sides, but it worked! I couldn't believe it. He then napped for a whole 45 minutes in the pack and play. And sadly, that's a full afternoon nap for my little guy.

I wasn't brave enough to try it tonight at bedtime, but maybe we'll try a sans swaddle nap again tomorrow.



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