Meagan Musing: Outside*

Meagan Musing



I couldn't get him to look at the camera for anything.

The outside is so much more interesting than his mama. And her camera, which he might be a little board with these days.

Nope - He's not going to smile. But he's pretty handsome anyway.

He was fascinated with the grass. He wanted to put it in his mouth, and I wouldn't let him. He wasn't so thrilled about that, but I've gotten pretty good at the art of distraction.

It was fun to get Andrew outside and let him do some exploring.

*You have to say outside like my dad says Best Buy, with the accent on the out. It makes it much more sophisticated. :)

Y'all have a good night!



  • Meagan,
    Great pictures as always!! Check out your dad's baby pictures (the big one Mama had hanging). The profile picture of Andrew outside looks a lot like BJ's baby picture, I think.

    Mary Ann

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At September 5, 2009 at 2:58:00 PM CDT  

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