Meagan Musing: Moving Out

Meagan Musing


Moving Out

Whew...we're tired. We're having new hardwoods put down in our house starting on Wednesday, and the place currently looks like this:

Our entire downstairs is being redone so we've had to pack up and move some of our stuff into storage.

We'll be in and out a bunch and we'll be spending lots of time at my mom and dad's over the coming weeks. I'm so grateful that they'll have us considering we come with a baby and a dog and a whole lot of luggage. But I think Mom's really excited about all the time she'll get to spend with Andrew.

So it'll be a bit of a pain to be 30 minutes from town and Brian's commute won't be pretty, but we'll make it work. And our house will look wonderful when it's all said and done. We just keep telling ourselves that...

I'm off to get some sleep before the movers get here tomorrow morning.

Hope y'all had a super fun Labor Day weekend!

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