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Andrew was baptised yesterday. I was a little nervous that he'd make a lot of noise or do something crazy, but he was great. He was the first baby out of five to be baptised and other than sticking his hand in the water he did just great. I was so proud.

I decided to take him to the nursery rather than try to keep him in the service with us. Poor guy got fussy after they changed his diaper and when I went back to pick him up he was being pushed around in a stroller by one of the sweet nursery workers. He was really excited to see me.

We tried to get a cute picture while we were still in the church after the service, but there was a little too much going on. Andrew just couldn't figure out where to look. (And apparently neither could I.)

The courtyard was beautiful and a little less busy so we had a bit more luck.

It was wear your black ruffle dress to church day.

I mentioned there were five babies up there yesterday and every one of the moms was wearing a black dress. Kelsey would have fit right in. Now if only we can convince her to have a baby. Ha!

It was such a wonderful day for my family. I'm so grateful we were able to get everyone together to celebrate such a special occasion.

Andrew will be surrounded by love and encouragement as he grows into a young man, and I pray that he will one day be ready to make his own commitment to give his life to God.

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