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Meagan Musing


We're Back

We're back from our first flying vacation with Andrew. It was an adventure!

My dear friend Ally got married in Rhode Island on Sunday night, so my little family and my parents headed up to Providence last Thursday morning.

Andrew did surprisingly well on the flights considering he slept for a combined total of an hour on all four flights. But he stayed fairly happy even without sleep.

Here he is ready to board the plane.

Brian's grandmother and cousin live in Cranston, RI so we got to spend some time with them on Saturday. They were happy to see Brian and me, but Andrew was the star of the show!

Brian was able to visit more of his family in Massachusetts on Sunday, but it was Ally's wedding day, and I wanted to help her get ready so Andrew and I stayed in Providence. I was sad to miss out on seeing everyone, but Brian had a great time!

The bride was beautiful and the wedding was wonderful!

It was a fun trip, but it was nice to get back home. Now if only we could get Andrew back on his schedule!

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