Meagan Musing: Happy Birthday Brian!

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Happy Birthday Brian!

Brian's 27th birthday is tomorrow - Feb. 17. (He shares it with Michael Jordan.) So to celebrate we're taking him to Del Frisco's for a really great steak, great wine and great times. Mom and Dad, Matt & Kels are going, too. Thanks for staying in town tonight guys! Then we're leaving tomorrow for Houston to see Janet. We're taking Fenway with us. It's his first long trip. (We've only had him for a week!) I hope he's OK in the kennel for that long. So far he's just been to Rockwall and back and he rode in Brian's lap so I'm a little worried about him. And Janet's not really a dog person so I sure hope she likes Fenway. But what's not to like?? He's adorable! He's growing up so quickly. He already weighs a few lbs more than he did when we brought him home! We'll take some pictures tonight so I'll add them to the post later this weekend.

Happy Birthday Brian! I can't believe this is the 6th birthday I've had the privilege of celebrating with you. Thanks for being such a wonderful man. I love you!


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