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Meet Fenway

After a long discussion and lots of research, we decided to bring a puppy into our lives. Now this is kind of crazy for me as I'm known as a total neat freak. And it does kind of freak me out thinking that we're going to have a messy little puppy in our house starting tomorrow. But I just know that he's going to be a joy and a blessing to our lives! If nothing else, he'll teach me a little patience. :)
We decided to name him Fenway in honor of Brian's beloved Red Sox. He's already picked out a Red Sox collar for him to wear when he gets older. Fenway is a Westie. He is supposed to be a low-shed dog and is the friendliest and easiest to train of the terrier bunch according to lots of dog books. I hope they're right!
We made our first ever trip to PetsMart last night. That place is amazing! I had no idea there was so much to buy for a dog! Luckily we'd made a good list from our trusty puppy book, and I think we should be set for the first few days. He comes home tomorrow and he'll be 7 weeks. We're starting a big, new adventure so wish us luck!


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