Meagan Musing: A Look Back

Meagan Musing


A Look Back

Looking back at 2012 I feel like it was a year of finding myself. How cliche is that? Maybe finding my creative self. I started out the year saying I was going to focus on living life.

I'm not really sure what that even meant, but maybe I did it? I think mostly I adjusted to being a mom to two mobile children. It's still crazy but totally fun, and most days I feel like we're doing really well around here.

I started out the year organizing, cleaning and purging. I got rid of so much stuff, but this house it still so full. An abundance of blessings and I'm thankful, but I still have lots of work to do here.

In March we went on a Disney cruise with my family and Andrew turned three. He of course thought we went on the Mickey Boat to celebrate his birthday. Either way, it was an awesome trip.

Sleeping baby in the Ergo and mini golf with Goofy.

I thought Andrew seemed so big on his third birthday. Now I think he looks like just a baby.

So cool.
I made my first cupcake toppers for Easter in April. Those little toppers were the beginning of my craftiness this year.

I'd never considered myself particularly crafty, but I learned that I really enjoy designing things in Photoshop.

I made banners for lots of holidays.


Like the Fourth of July, Halloween and even the Olympics.

But the crown jewel of my craftiness was Caroline's birthday party.

This still makes me happy.

I should have just left these up all year!
Oh man, that was a pretty party.

Also, I made her cake from scratch. That was new. I bought my first ever KitchenAid mixer, and I've used it lots this year. It's pretty awesome.

Oh, I cut bangs in 2012.

That was a big, big change, but I love them. I'll admit it took me a bit to decide that though. Now I feel like they're flattering and current and also like I tried harder than I did - ha!

Brian was gone a lot this year. He worked a ton and he was in school getting his MBA, but graduated in December. ::angels singing::

I'm so very proud of him.

I started making Bento style lunches at the beginning of the school year.

These are so much fun and Andrew thinks he has the coolest lunch around.

I tried really hard to get my life all organized at the same time. It's a work in progress y'all.

We also spent a week in Florida this fall. It was fabulous.

The kids had the best time. I really loved it there and hope we go back in 2013.

The holidays were kind of a blur of finishing school and decorating and parties and Mavericks games. But we did manage to snap a family picture.

I can't explain Caroline's face. It's the best we could do. Ha!
Andrew believed in Santa's magic this year and was SO excited when he brought him a Batmobile. I totally get it, buddy. I'd like a new car too.

Overall, it was a good year. A year of adjusting and growing and learning who we are as a family of four.

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you take some time to reflect back on your 2012 and find that it was a good one indeed.

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