Meagan Musing: February 2011

Meagan Musing


This Weekend's Fun

Brian started the part-time MBA program at SMU this January and he's still working his regular, long hours. Which means he's really, really busy. He's been great about making time for us though, and I'm so thankful.

But this weekend he pretty much dedicated to school so Andrew and I got to spend lots of time together.

I wanted to scope out a possible photo location so we headed to a new park on Saturday morning. It was a little too sketchy for family portraits, but far away from the sketchiness was a huge, covered playground and Andrew had a blast. He kept running, running, running fast. And climbing of course.

Brian came home that evening and we grilled out, enjoying this awesome early spring weather.

Today Brian spent some time with us before heading off to study. So we were back outside.


I love his expression is these! Brian was standing behind me making funny faces and Andrew decided to make funny faces back at him. It's so much easier to get cute photos when you have a helper.



You'd think Andrew would have been exhausted, but it was a no-nap day. We're having some nap issues. Before I weaned him in January I always nursed Andrew to sleep at naptime. I know that's terrible, but it worked for us. He went to bed at night just fine and if I wasn't there he'd nap just fine, but if I was there for naptime that's what we did.

So now when I put him down for a nap it can be a bit of a struggle. I usually have to rock him until he's asleep. But recently he's been fighting me on it and we're both pretty tired of it, I think.

So today he just hung out in his crib and talked to himself for an hour and half - not very restful for either of us.

But now he's asleep and I'm watching The Amazing Race. I'm so excited about this season! I love so many of these teams from past seasons. It's going to be fun.

Hope you all have great weeks ahead!

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Catch Up

Why, yes, yes it has been over two weeks since my last post. Ahhh...I always have the best intentions.

I feel like I've been running around like a crazy person these last few weeks. First there's Andrew and Brian and all those regular keep-the-house-running things I do everyday. Andrew is so much fun right now I can't even stand it. He has something funny to say about just almost everything.

But he's also getting in to the, Mama, watch me! phase. Which means if I'm sitting at my computer while he's playing in the den he's very likely to come up to me and try me to push me out of my chair and say "all done Mama!". So that's kind of hard to work through.

Speaking of work, we're coming up on our busiest time of year - tax time! So I'm going to have to put quite a few extra hours in at my part-time accounting job over the next few weeks.

And I've been busy taking pictures for friends. My good friend Suzie had her little girl a few weeks ago and she was so sweet to ask me to take some newborn photos for her. So I did them almost a week ago, and I haven't even started editing yet. :(

And my darling little nephew, Reid, was baptized at church last weekend.


Kelsey hosted a great brunch at her house to celebrate, and I have some cute pictures I need to work on from that day.

I also enrolled in a workshop at I'm really happy I'm doing this and I think I'm going to learn a lot over the next few weeks but I have to find the time to do the assignments to get the feedback and make it worth it.

And y'all, Andrew is turning TWO(!) on March 16th and I really ought to throw him a party! So I might want to start planning for that. :)

After looking at this list I think I should just give up and go to bed.

Before I do, here are some darling snow pictures from the week before last when it was still winter. I'm sorry I haven't shared these yet because now winter is over and these seem kind of silly. Seriously, I'm so glad it's not 30 degrees right now, but it's already jumped up to the high 70s. You'd think there'd be some kind of middle ground. Silly Dallas weather.



WEB_IMG_3349_Edit1 copy





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Andrew's going to be a big brother!

And he's really excited about it, see?


Brian and I are really excited, too!

I'm due August 9th so I'm 13 weeks along today. I'd been feeling pretty crummy there for a while, but I've been much better these last few weeks, thank goodness.

I don't really have a feeling one way or the other if it's a boy or a girl, but we'll get to find out at the end of March so I'm really looking forward to that.

I'm going to try to do a better job of documenting this pregnancy than I did with Andrews. Last time I just took pictures here and there. My goal for this one is a picture every week. Let's see if I can keep up with it.

So here's my 13 week picture from today:


It's so crazy that this is really happening! We're going to have two kids!

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