Meagan Musing: Happy Birthday Kelsey!

Meagan Musing


Happy Birthday Kelsey!

My sweet sister is 24 years old today!

Kelsey is one of those people who lives life to the fullest. She lights up the room when she enters. Kelsey and I are three years and four months apart. She was a freshman at SMU when I was a senior there. People would walk up to me and say "Your sister is just the nicest person EVER". And it is true! She even takes Fenway out everyday for us, which isn't an easy job. She's very special in so many ways. I've always been proud to be her sister and her friend. We're as close as sisters can be, and I think it's great! Sisters should be best friends! So thanks, Kels, for all the wonderful memories and being such a blessing in my life.

We're headed out tonight to be girly and get pedicures and drink wine! And then tomorrow Mom is taking us shopping. What a fun weekend with fun family. :)


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