Meagan Musing: Fenway is Growing Up

Meagan Musing


Fenway is Growing Up

We put Fenway's pen away last night. We set him up with a little puppy play pen around his kennel when we first brought him home. This way he was contained, but he also had some room to play. We have a very open house and it would be hard to contain him to just the kitchen or just one room, so the pen works really well for us. But...we put it away yesterday. I wanted to put it away for the party we're having at our house tonight, but Brian seemed to think it was time for it go, permanently. I'm not so sure. He is not mature enough to roam the house during the day by himself. He'll eat our plants and lamp cords! But I felt awful going off and leaving him in his kennel ALL DAY, which is now his only place to stay. He'll go out for a little while at lunch. And I'll take him for a nice walk tonight, and he gets plenty of play time at night. But he just looked so sad and confused this morning. So we'll have to see if he's really grown up enough. In the meantime, I might just have to start looking for some ginormous puppy gates.



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