Meagan Musing: My first Meme: Five Weird Things About Me

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My first Meme: Five Weird Things About Me

So I see these on other blogs frequently and thought I'd throw one out there for all those people who read my blog that don't know me very well. (I don't think there are any, but oh well)! And it's not about sports, but I do hope to have a very good Mavs post soon.

1. I don't like fruit. Of all the fruit in the world I only enjoy apples (and they must be chilled and sliced) and cantaloupe, but it must have salt and pepper on it. I try to make myself eat a few berries every once in a while for the health benefits, but they just really bother me.

2. I don't like to watch movies. I just hate to commit myself to two hours of sitting without a break. I haven't been to the movie theater since Christmas of 2005 when Walk the Line was new. Poor Brian-the-movie-lover.

3. I can eat the same thing over and over. I have had the same meal (South Beach Turkey Wrap) for lunch everyday at work for a year.

4. I'm addicted to talk radio. I now have Sirius in my car and I can listed to ESPN and Fox News at all times. Toss in the local Ticket and my fancy car speakers almost never get to pump out tunes.

5. If the bed doesn't get made in the morning before I leave for work, it has to be made before I get in it that night. I simply cannot lay down in a bed that has not been made. I don't have to put all the pillows on, but most. Call me crazy - my husband does!


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