Meagan Musing: On the Hunt

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On the Hunt

Brian has been invited to a Gator, Turkey and Catfish Extravaganza. Seriously. He and 20 other guys are heading to a Texas ranch with no running water in search of adventure in the form of wild alligators, turkeys and catfish.

I am so glad he didn't invite me along.

He and his friend Rob headed to Academy this weekend to get all the necessary supplies including a license to hunt anything that is not illegal to kill. I laughed at the camouflage shin guards that are supposed to keep my man safe from snake bites, but my mom seemed to think they were a very sound purchase. I'm hoping they come home clean and bite-free, both Brian and the shin guards, but I have my doubts seeing as he's staying in a cabin with NO RUNNING WATER.

Oh, I am so glad he didn't invite me along.

But he's so excited about this manly activity, and I'm going to be just as excited right there with him, but really only in spirit. And I will pray that he makes it home with all his appendages. And maybe a cute new pair of alligator shoes.

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  • Be careful out there, Brian. Those Texas alligators can get really big. And shin guards won't help you in your fight with mosquitos and they may be more dangerous than the gators!

    By Anonymous Mimzy, At April 10, 2008 at 11:10:00 PM CDT  

  • Didn't catch a damn thing...although I found I can talk Turkey without a call! It was fun can't wait to go again.

    I have the sudden urge to buy a shotgun...hmmm

    By Anonymous Brian, At May 24, 2008 at 1:18:00 AM CDT  

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