Meagan Musing: Dress for the Day - Christmas Party Style

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Dress for the Day - Christmas Party Style

Brian reminded me on Monday morning that his office Christmas party is this Friday evening. I'm sure he told me much earlier, but I forgot to put it on my calendar which means I had NO IDEA it was coming up.


His work party is a little different than most. It's for the whole family and it starts super early - like at 5PM and is usually over by ten.

We'll leave even earlier because we're taking the kids, and then later that night we have an MBA graduation party to attend.

I need an outfit!

I scoured my closet today and didn't really come up with anything I'm crazy about. I think this is a great excuse for a trip to Northpark (the world's greatest mall, where I once wore my pajama pants.)

I'm looking for this:

This outfit is so me. Seriously my sister will laugh when she sees this because it is so me. (Hi Kels!)

I love the bow and the pleats and the polka dots and the 50's-ish earrings.

Now I just need to find it all tomorrow with Caroline in tow. Ummmm....

Hopefully I'll have the real deal to show you next week.

This brings me to an important questions. We have a few other Christmas parties on our calendar this season. If I wear this to Brian's work party is it okay to wear the exact same thing to a party with old college friends? There shouldn't be overlap, but you never know.

I would normally say yes, but I'm curious what you would do.

// Sweater // Skirt // Tights // Earrings // 

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